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Godrej Hill Kalyan Photos - Godrej Hill Pictures Kalyan West

red square 1. Godrej Hill Kalyan City (West) Photos & Article ↓

Ten years back Godrej Industries Construction Wing bought an entire Hill above Barave Village premise in Kalyan West and started its planned residential development programme. This project was unique since it was going to transform an entire hill into a beautiful lush green residential paradise. During ongoing construction work, Godrej took immense care to preserve hill's eco-system and only few trees very harmed. Finally when project was ready it attracted many new families including mine.

red square 2. Godrej Hill - A Posh Residential Area In Kalyan ↓

As most people say, today Godrej Hill is Kalyan City's no.1 posh residential colony. Yes! It even beats Rambag Area, which was once considered as number one. What makes Godrej Hill stand out crowd is the very basic fact that it resides in arms of mother nature and give its residents a peace of mind. Godrej Hill's environment is very elegant and has always mesmerised my inner senses specially during my evening walks. Here i've always enjoyed hanging out with my friends and watching lonely beautiful sunset sky.


A Godrej Hill's sunset photo captured and enhanced by Mr. Bhuvan Shah. Below are other similar pictures of Godrej Hill i've briefly described and feels proud to share these with you all. If you're a resident of Kalyan City then please bookmark this website and visit it later. Asking you to do so since I would be regularly updating this site with many new pictures from all over Kalyan City.

red square 3. Godrej Hill's Enhanced Online Photo Gallery ↓

As a loving tribute to such a wonderful place named Godrej Hill, I've finally decided to share some it's captured moments online. Since this article is my blog's very first posting I also promise you to bring in future more informative documents and other interesting happenings from entire Kalyan City and tell you more about, How a KALYAN CITY LIFE is all about? Scroll below to find more pictures and better single click each for enlarged images. Most pictures here are of 1024X768 resolution if you've this setting for your PC then you can also use enlarged images as your desktop :) If you're interested in higher resolution of images then better lets me know via comment box below. I would then surely email you.


A distant green landscape view captured from hill top of Godrej Hill with my Canon A720 IS Digital Camera set at 4X zoom.

Godrej Hill

Starting point of a spiral descending road which goes hill top of Godrej Hill. This road is also a part my daily jogging track.

Shiv Valley

Wadhwa Builder's luxury apartments project 'Shiv Valley ' under construction.

Hill Garden

Beautiful Garden of Godrej Hill which is also a short-cut to reach hill's top without road. I call it 'layered garden' since it is crafted from a decending hill side and its hardly plain. Many grandpa avoid visitng this garden as he dislikes climbing stairs. But still I everyday ask him to give a try.

Godrej Office

Godrej Hill's booking office inside garden.

Godrej Hill Garden

An elevated photo of Godrej hill garden captured by Manoj Patil.

Garden Stairs

A glimpse of rain wet stairs in Godrej Hill garden.

Garden Stairs

A good picture of garden stairs.


Didn't i said you, Why I call it a 'Layered Garden'? Here is my proof.

Top View From Godrej Hill

A zoomed view from hill top in which a river bank is slightly visible at far end.

Club House

Godrej Hill's Club house building in red and a gardener climbing on a tree.

Sunset Sky

Golden Sunset sky just before darkness captured by Mr. Bhuvan Shah.

Security Cabin

A security guard's cabin at one of garden's corner end.

Blue Sky

Just after rainfall, wet earth and a repaired building stands in Godrej Hill.

Garden Tree

A tree view in Godrej Hill's garden captured by Manoj Patil

Godrej Logo

Godrej Hill's enhanced Logo saying 'Come and live with nature'. I dedicate this local article to all new residents of Godrej Hill in Kalyan City (West).

red square 4. Article © Gaurav Akrani © Kalyan City Life Blog.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hello i am vinnu sharma and i live in godrej hill too in row houses above. very good photos.

  2. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Thanks for replying Vinnu. You live at a very good location in kalyan west:)

  3. Anonymous said...

    hi i m manisha.i hav seen photos.these are very nice

  4. Gaurav Akrani said...

    @ Manisha! Thanks for your kind appreciation of my work. i would soon post many new pics. Keep visiting.

  5. UD said...

    Hi I was planning to buy a flat/ house of more than 1300 sq ft. Can you tell me if I can get something like that in Godrej Hill. And how convenient is the place from station and other places

  6. Pravin Pawar said...

    Hi,it is amazing photographs. Good work..Keep updates..

  7. dinesh singh said...

    i like d naturality of godrej hill and it is d wonderful place 2 live, even i stay in godrej hil in carnation soc. lovly snaps

  8. amitesh said...

    i am looking out for a affordable home in kalyan.. it would be great if u could give me more details on godrej hills...infact i would like to speak to u.. if u could contact me on 9820101361 - amit

  9. Anonymous said...

    thank you for creating most cool web site

  10. Anonymous said...

    What are the current market rates in the Godrej Hill Area? I'm planning to book a Duplex flat at Shiva Valley Riverside.

    Rds, Jatin.

  11. Anonymous said...

    Am looking for ONE BHK in Godrej hill. Please let me know if any flat on the offer. Max 12 lc.

  12. Mahalakshmi Ramjee said...

    I just can't believe that the Face of Kalyan has undergone such lovely changes.My brother Viswanath and his family stay at Godrej hill. It is wonderful to see the enchanting green.
    Mahalakshmi Ramjee

  13. Anonymous said...

    Really it is incredible......

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