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IGNOU Opens New Regional Centre In Mumbai - Mulund East

square IGNOU's New Regional Centre in Mumbai

IGNOU, India's Premier National Open University officially arrives in Mumbai. IGNOU has opened a new Regional Centre in Mulund (East) at Om Leva Vikas Niketan near Mulund railway station.

IGNOU Mumbai Address

square Got News Of IGNOU's Mumbai RC Via Letter

In December 2008, I've applied for IGNOU's Master Programme in Public Administration (MPA) at Pune Regional Centre. After 6 months in June 2009, I received a letter from Pune Regional Director saying that my Admission Form was forwarded to Mumbai Regional Centre and I was asked to immediately contact Mumbai Regional Centre. This letter neatly mentioned address of IGNOU's Mumbai Regional Centre Office in black bold fonts. I felt great by this news and was too desperate to visit it.

square Personal Visit To Mulund Regional Centre

On 15 June 2009 at 11:00 a.m I along with my friend Satish arrived at Om Leva Vikas Niketan, Mulund(E). We were surprised to find centre's main office door was locked from inside. Don't know why IGNOU staff kept it locked? I wasted nearly 5 minutes searching for some alternate entry. Later I managed to contact a staff person from an opened window narrating my admission queries. He quickly opened the door and told me to contact a lady staff. The lady officer was very helpful she cleared my all admission queries and confirmed my MPA admission. I was asked to collect MPA's 1st year textbooks which I did and returned home happily. Now I'm waiting for my IGNOU Identity Card and have started preparing for MPA Degree Course.

square Contact IGNOU : Address, Phone & Email

Indira Gandhi National Open University
Om Leva Vikas Niketan,
Nanepada Road,
Mulund (East),
Mumbai - 400081.
Telephone No. 022-25633159
Email. ignourcmumbai@gmail.com

Current IGNOU Mumbai Regional Director is = Dr. M. Rajesh

Jurisdiction of Mumbai Regional Centre includes five districts of Maharashtra viz; Mumbai (including Mumbai Suburban Towns, Navi Mumbai), Thane, Raigarh, Ratnagiri & Sindhudurg.

At present, IGNOU's Mumbai Regional Centre has 37 Study Centres.

square A Picture Of IGNOU Mumbai Office Premise

IGNOU Mumbai Office

square Vaze Collge - IGNOU Study Centre in Mulund

Vaze College IGNOU Mulund

square Who will benefit by IGNOU RC in Mumbai ?

IGNOU's New Mumbai Regional Centre would definitely lessen the burden of its Pune Regional Centre and students from Mumbai based study centres. For students a happy news, no longer sending admission forms to Pune RC.

Article Link - IGNOU Opens New Regional Center In Mumbai - Mulund East


  1. Justin said...

    Can you share with me how to change the color scheme of the blog template?


  2. transformer said...

    can i apply for MA in Eng (correspondence) from here?

  3. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Yes, You can apply for MA in English (correspondence) from here.

    Personally visit IGNOU Mumbai Regional Center in Mulund on any working days early in the morning. 11:00 A.M is good time.

    Collect IGNOU's Common Prospectus from here. Take it home. Fill admission form carefully with your latest passport size photo and attested Degree certificate + Degree Passing Certificate and Final year Marksheet.

    Again so to IGNOU regional center in Mulund submit your admission form, your xerox certificates with Demand Draft as fees.

    IGNOU staff will verify your documents and when they fill everything seems okay. They will tell you to collect M.A textbooks. You'll get your ID Card after 15 to 20 days once your D.D is cleared.

    I recommend taking Vaze College as your Study Center. I've also taken Vaze as my study center.

    Why opt Vaze College as study center ?

    1. Reputed college.
    2. Staff is helpful
    3. Teachers take interest to help IGNOU students.
    4. It is near IGNOU Mumbai Regional Center.

    You can get timings of IGNOU activities in Vaze college on a Black board above Vaze college entrance gate.

    Address of Vaze Collge :-
    IGNOU Cell,
    Kelkar Education Trust's Vinayak Ganesh Vaze College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mulund (East), Mumbai - 400081

    So contact IGNOU Cell in Vaze college in evening. No sure but I think it is open between 3 p.m to 6 p.m on Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri and on wednesday it is close.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Hello Gaurav! I never knew IGNOU has a regional centre in Mumbai until i read your article. IGNOU address and telephone no as mentioned in your article are very correct. I tried calling IGNOU Mulund RC but it seems they give very less or no response at all to telephonic queries. So later I decided to personally visit IGNOU RC for my OPENMAT enquiry. I've planned to pursue MBA from IGNOU. Friends! IGNOU MBA Degree is fully recognised by joint committee of UGC-DEC-AICTE, AIU and Ministry of HRD. I've verified these recognitions personally. IGNOU MBA course is flexible,cheaper, has good standard, gives ready made study material too. Very good for busy working professionals like me. Most luckly even my pvt. company now accept IGNOU qualification for internal promotions.

    Yesterday I went to IGNOU Reginal Centre.

    This is how I reached IGNOU RC in Mulund...

    1. Get down at Mulund Railway Station.

    2. Then exit from Mulund West side.

    3. Hire auto rickshaw and ask rickshawalla to take you to 'Nanepada Road' at 'Om Leva Vikas Niketan' building. This will cost you just Rs.9/- as auto fare. (5 Minutes From Railway Station)

    4. IGNOU Mumbai RC office is at ground floor of 'OM Leva Vikas Niketan' Building.

    Note: As mentioned by Gaurav, Main Office Door was closed from inside so i waited for 10 minutes outside. Later managed to go inside office when an exiting student opened that big Dwaar (door).

    You can even see om leva vikas niketan building from railway while travelling (keep looking on west side).

    Best time to visit IGNOU RC is early morning possibly reach at 11:00 am.

    To my knowledge IGNOU RC Office is open from 11:00 am till 5:30 pm and it remains closed on public holidays, sundays, 2nd and 4th Saturday.

    I'm very happy to know IGNOU has opened RC in Mumbai. Very beneficial for Mumbai Students.

    Gaurav, thank you very much for sharing this news with Mumbaikars. This news will benefit us all.

    Prakash Seth
    My Study Centre = 1604, Vaze College, Mulund.

  5. Anonymous said...

    I'm made a mistake so commenting again....

    2. Please! Exit from Mulund East side and not West side.


  6. jith said...

    In mulund center Bpp course is available..???

  7. Ankita said...

    Many students were asking me about address of Mumbai regional centre. Thanks for providing it.

  8. VINSOFT said...






  9. VINSOFT said...



  10. Anonymous said...

    hello, i stay at navi mumbai and want to study from IGNOU.... plz help me.. whta shd i do?

  11. Gaurav Akrani said...

    first you must personally contact Mulund Regional centre.

    IGNOU staff there will give you all details regarding nearest IGNOU study centre in navi mumbai.

    So better contact them.

    Regards, Gaurav

  12. www.surajemailjob.com said...

    i transfer my examination center mumbai ,is it possible yes...

    please send me details my id-surajup87@gmail.com

  13. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Yes! It is possible to transfer your center any were within India. Just contact IGNOU staff at Mulund. They'll help you sort out your transfer problem with ease. IGNOU Mumbai regional staff is very help and kind. Regards, Gaurav.

  14. Anonymous said...

    hi gaurav my name is renee and im a final year student.im aspiring to do masters in public administration though im a commerce student.i jus wanted to ask you that does the mulund regional centre provides with this course and does it conducts lectures and exams at the centre?is it a very laeding insitute to do this course?

  15. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Hi Renee,

    Masters In Public Administration (MPA) Degree Course of two Years is available at IGNOU's Mumbai Regional Center.

    To be Eligible for MPA course your graduation must be completed from any UGC recognized university.

    Final year mark-sheet along with degree passing certificate are necessary documents to be submitted during admission.

    Your lectures and exams will be conducted at your selected study center.

    IGNOU is not a leading institute to do MPA couse. Else...

    Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) is leading institute in India for MPA. But course here is full time only.

    IGNOU on the other hand is respectable and fully recognized for MPA. So don't worry even if it a distance course.

    Regards, Gaurav.

  16. Anonymous said...

    thanx gaurav for the answer.i am doing bachelors in accountancy and finance(BAF)and we have two board exams in this special course,1st in november and other in may.i already have the results of my semester 5 nov examination(82%),bt the sem 6 may board exam is still to be held and its results will be out in june.till then i wont be given the passing certificate or degree certificate from college(mumbai university rule).also the last date of form submission to ignou is 30th april.so now you tell me how am i suppos to take admissions to june(MPA)batch in IGNOU?will the institute understand and give me addmissions based on the results of my 1st board exam??please help me gaurav...

  17. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Hi Anonymous of April 15, 2010 10:03 AM.

    Dear Friend, I can understand your dilemma.

    You want to enroll in June batch to avoid any educational break and continue your quest for academic achievement.

    Don't worry! Immediately contact IGNOU enrollment officer and take his/her opinion on your special case. IGNOU Enrollment Officer will definitely guide you better than me.

    Try doing following...

    1. Convince Enrollment officer that you will soon supply necessary documents when they are available. Try getting extension date for your submission.

    2. If you failed to convince IGNOU then contact Mumbai University and try getting some temporary passing certificate from them.

    3. If nothing works take help of law. Consult a good lawyer and seek court's permission to soothe your admission procedure.

    Regards, Gaurav.

  18. renee said...

    thank you gaurav for your post..but the procedure you told me to follow might take a lot of time..do you think till then the limited seats in ignou would remain empty?but whatever you said if that is possible then would you please tell me that where can i meet the ENROLLMENT OFFICER??i would try my level best to convince the officer..renee

  19. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Renne, You can personally meet Enrollment officer and even regional director of IGNOU Mumbai at Mulund Regional Center.

    So visit following address on any working day. Avoid visiting on sunday, holidays and saturday.

    Indira Gandhi National Open University
    Om Leva Vikas Niketan,
    Nanepada Road,
    Mulund (East),
    Mumbai - 400081.

    Best time to visit is morning 11:00AM or afternoon just after lunch break.

  20. Anonymous said...

    thank you so much gaurav for your help.i will go and meet up the enrollment officer or the director as soon as possible.

    regards renee..

  21. Jai said...

    I am not sure how can we all thank Gaurav Akrani's efforts to solve all our queries at his best time in plain language.
    Thanks buddy!
    I was not sure what transport I should use, also what could be the procedure but Gaurav's endeavor has really made my job easier.
    Here is the link that I have come across while surfing IGNOU website, it has contacts for each subject (for those who are doing masters)http://www.ignou.ac.in/programmes/mdp.htm

    no need to say that IGNOU staff are very helpful as when I contact about my query in MA economics.

  22. Anonymous said...

    Plz give me information regarding last admission date for MSW program from IGNOU,even fee structure for the same.
    I heard that admission date was get over but still admission forms are accepting with late fees. So plz guide me.....

  23. Mrs. Aarti Dinesh Sangle said...

    Hello everyone,
    I need help regarding timings on weekdays and sat. & sun. of IGNOU new regional centre. Actually many times i had called at their given phone no. but either it is engage or even if it rings no one picks up.

    Pls. help me to get the required details.

    Thanks & regards,

  24. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Namaste Aarti,

    They are not responding because many people are calling and staff is limited to handle all calls.

    You better personally visit Mulund regional center on any working day early morning around 11:00 AM or afternoon at 2:00 P.M after lunch time.

    Avoiding visiting on Sundays, Public Holidays and alternate Saturdays when it is a holiday for government officials.

    The best time to visit is on any working day from Monday to Friday. If your visiting too late see to it that you visit it before evening 5:30 pm.

    Regards, Gaurav Akrani.

  25. Mrs. Aarti Dinesh Sangle said...

    Thank you very much for providing the visiting hours of regional center and i shall try my best to reach there on right time.

    Thanks & regards,

  26. Khanna said...

    Plz let me know ki whats wrong with ignou why the employees there not giving us the correct information to us,please check out this.This is a serious matter.

  27. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Mr. Khanna, What wrong information you got? Please elaborate more on your concerns.

  28. Anonymous said...

    Last admission date for MSW program from IGNOU is 7th August 2010, so you have time to take admission.....best of luck.....

  29. Deepali said...

    HI Gaurav,
    Please advise of the MA/Msc in Psychology courses are available.Also I have come across the news that now a graduate from any stream can apply for this course.

    Am looking for MA/Msc in Psychology,Child Psychology.I myself have graduated in Arts,majoring in Philosophy.And have also studied psychology in Degree and Junior college as a subject.

    Please let me know the procedure and the dates and fees to apply if such a course is available.

    Would appreciate your prompt reply.
    Thanks & Best Regards.

  30. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Hello Deepali,

    Two years M.A.(PSYCHOLOGY) program is available at IGNOU (Mumbai).

    Ignou runs two terms in a year. One is from Jan-Dec and another is from June-May.

    Now last date for June 2010 is lapsed so you're now eligible for only Jan-Dec Batch.

    -----MA Psychology from IGNOU Details ---

    Programme Code: Psy (Credits 64)

    Eligibility : B.A. (in any subject)

    Duration : 2 years
    Minimum 2 years Maximum 5 years

    Medium of Instruction : English

    Total Programme fee : Rs. 10,500

    Learners are required to pay Rs. 5,000 in first year and Rs. 5,500 in the second year.

    Academic Session: (July to June) and (January to December)

    Term end examination: June and December

    Note: * Those taking admission in July will take their first year examination only after a year in June. Those unable to clear the first year or second year examination in June can take the examination can take the examination in

    Procedure to take admission for this program.

    1. Visit IGNOU Mumbai in 1st week of September and take admission for Jan-Dec Batch. Consult a IGNOU Mumbai's Lady Councillor for additional queries.

    2. Take Vaze College as a Study Center. Its centre code is 1604.

    3. Bring attested copies of your B.A Final year Marksheet, Degree certificate, Leaving Certificate, Passing Certificate with you. Don't give your original degree copies only attested.

    4. Bring your latest 4-5 Passport sized coloured photos.

    5. Make a Demand Draft of Rs. 5,000 in favour of 'IGNOU Mumbai' and payable at Mumbai as payment of fees for 1sy year pf M.A. IGNOU don't take fees by CASH.

    Plz take admission in coming September 2010 else you'll lose your precious 6 months.

    Download Link of MA Psychology Prospectus

    IGNOU MA PSYCHOLOGY Programme 2010 - Prospectus

    If above link is not working try this alternate link to download pdf.

    IGNOU MA PSYCHOLOGY Programme 2010 - Prospectus

    Regards, Gaurav Akrani.

  31. Anonymous said...

    hi gaurav,
    can i do ba in 1 year from ignou.is it recognised.i plan to tak admission for law from glc,mumbai with the ba marks next year.can i get admission for 1 year ba course now.please give the details

  32. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Hi, Anonymous of September 7, 2010 2:25 PM,

    IGNOU (A Central University of India) was established in 1985 by an act of Indian Parliament. As far as recognition of its Degrees and Diplomas is concerned it is fully recognized in India and even abroad.

    IGNOU's Degrees have recognition of all apex institutions monitoring higher education in India.

    IGNOU is fully approved and recognised by UGC, AIU, AICTE, DEC, AAOU, Ministry of HRD, All State Governments and All Regular Universities in India.

    Under RTI, I've personally verified above recognitions of IGNOU. So please don't worry on this recognition issue anymore.

    I won't recommend you to do One year in IGNOU and last Two years from another University for your B.A Degree.

    I recommend you to take admission for Three years B.A degree Course from IGNOU. First complete your B.A of mandatory Three Years (from IGNOU) and then apply at Government Law college (GLC) in Mumbai.

    As per a provision in AIU Memorandum "A student completing his/her education from any Recognised Open University in India can later continue his/her higher education from any Regular University (Example Mumbai University) of choice with no problem. Degrees awarded by Open Universities are statutory in nature and are considered at par with Degrees given by Traditional Universities."

    I know a very bright person who completed his primary education for a night school, then graduation from IGNOU and finally cleared UPSC last year. He is now a probationary IAS Officer under going administrative training at LBSNAA, Mussoorie.

    Even don't worry about Migration or Transfer Certificate. After completing your graduation from IGNOU, its Mumbai Regional Centre will quickly issue you a Migration Certificate. You can later submit this certificate to GLC (Affiliated to Mumbai University) and confirm your Law admission.

    I know many students who after completing their graduation from Open Universities opt for professional courses like MCA, LLB, C.A, UPSC, State PCS, etc. with no eligibility problems.

    In short, IGNOU is a legal, cheaper and open bridge for every common man in India irrespective of his age, gender, economical status to accomplish his never ending pursuit of academic endeavor. If you work and want to pursue higher education in India then IGNOU is your answer.

    Recently, I completed my 1st year of MPA from IGNOU and was thrilled by reading its lucid, high quality and info rich Textbooks. MPA studies are now even helping me to prepare for my UPSC Optional subject (PUBULIC ADMINISTRATION).

    Last fact, please remove the notion FROM YOUR MIND that learning from IGNOU means compromising with educational standards and is of no use. This is completely wrong and just a myth.

    Regards, Gaurav Akrani.

  33. Anonymous said...

    hi Gaurav,
    i don't intend to do 1st year ba from ignou and then the remaining 2 years from aother university.i had heard that one can get a ba degree from ignou within a year.so i decided to do the ba from ignou and not from mumbai university.and on that marks i wanted to take admission in glc.so now please give me details of the ba in 1 year from ignou,is it recognised and can i get admission in it now.
    i will be starting upsc preparation after this degree.
    regards and tc

  34. Gaurav Akrani said...

    My Dear Friend,

    1 Year Degree is not a valid degree at all.

    IGNOU don't have 1 year Degree course.

    Minimum degree course time is at least 3 years and not 1.

  35. Deepali said...

    Hi Gaurav,
    Hope you doing well.
    Further to your precise instructions with regards to the MA Psychology course,I went personally to enroll myself at MULUND RC,with all the documents and the DD.However to my dismay they arent even sure if this course is happenning as the June-July batch itself have not started yet and they are not sure if this will be happenning from Jan-Dec.There are no prospectus/forms and no addmissions at the moment.I have been asked to wait untill director returns back to confirm the further details of commencement of the course.

    I would only suggest to give clarity from University's side so that a person doesnt ends up wasting his/her time travelling all the way.

    Thank you for your support and kind understanding.


  36. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Namaste Deepaliji,

    Now I'm also facing the same problem.

    I went to IGNOU office few days ago and saw all new faces. A very kind lady officer whom I knew was absent. I asked others for admission form for my second year PG course but they had no copy of it.

    I was asked to download a pdf document of admission form and then take printout of the same. It was extremely hectic for me to search this unique pdf document. Somehow I managed to find it on a forum and later submitted it. Tnx God! Finally my 2nd year admission was confirmed. For me just one more year to go.

    It seems the new staff have not properly educated themselves about upcoming new IGNOU Courses. I think they also lack some professionalism and are definitely not active.

    If you've any doubts better talk to Mr. Rajesh (He is Regional Director). I assume he knows everything.

    It will be also better if you resolve and confirm your queries with IGNOU Delhi HQ under students' helpline.

    Tnx for sharing your experience with us .

    Rds, Gaurav Akrani :)

  37. Anonymous said...

    I am broad and I would like to take admission for M.A English. Is it possible to appear abroad if I do not get leave during the months of examination

  38. cyril sunil said...

    I fail to understand why the Regional Centre does not open on Saturday and sunday.
    The objective of IGNOU was to promote and encourage people to take up education through distance education. I have personally visted the centre and staff are really helpful and try their level best to assist the students.

    My admission was messedup and still trying to regualrize.
    Hope it will done....

  39. Anonymous said...


  40. Anonymous said...

    Students should raise their concerns at least Regional Centre should be opened on Weekends

  41. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Please note the difference between a study center and regional center.

    Regional center controls study centers coming under its jurisdiction.

    Regional center is like any other regular govt. office and not a study center to remain open on weekends.

    On the other hand, IGNOU study centers do operate on weekends.

    Rds, Gaurav.

  42. Anonymous said...


    Please give ur number, it's very difficult to contact u, whenever i calls it's engaged only please do something. As i have to take admissionf for MBA, iam calling u daily but it's totally engaged.

    Since iam statying at MALAD (W). So it's difficult to come there.

    Please do the needful

    My email id is sonali_pardesi@rediffmail.com


  43. lakshmi singh said...

    i am a student of ignou bedse and my current study centre is r.k. puram delhi. Now my husband got transffered to mumbai and i want to change my study and exam centre to mumbai. is it possible please let me know on jeetnice@gmail.com or 9619827198

  44. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Not sure but i think it is possible.

    You'll need to fill an application form to shift your study centre from Delhi to Mumbai.

    But for more details you're advised to personally contact ignou officer at mumbai regional centre.

  45. sybil simon said...

    hi, @ lakshmi
    i am a student of ignou, from Delhi but recently got shifted to Mumbai, so i filled a form at my rc in Mohan estate,and later i got a letter from there stating that i have been transferred to Mumbai under Mulund RC, so i suggest you to visit Mohan Estate as that is your rc,they will do the needful..thanks

  46. sybil simon said...

    Can anyone tell me which is the last date for submitting MA history assignment for the year 2010-11 and which is the last date for submitting june examination fees, also which is the last date for re-registration for the second year??? kindly reply soon...thank you!

  47. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Last Date for submission of June 2011 Term-End Exam form has already lapsed.

    Last date for submission of term-end exam form was 31st March 2011.

    However, the June 2011 Term-End exam forms are still being accepted by IGNOU RC (Mumbai) but with a late fee.

    Late Fee from April 1st till 20th = Rs.300/-
    Late fee till 19th of May 2011 = Rs.500/-

    Not sure, but I think (so better verify on your own) after 19th May, 2011 IGNOU will not accept any June 2011 term-end exam forms.

    Now exam fee for each course is raised from Rs.50/- (earlier) to Rs.60/- (Current). A hike of Rs.10/-.

    Please fill your June exam form as early as possible without any further delay.

    June 2011 Term-End Exam starts from 1st of June.

    As per new instructions mentioned in latest June term-end exam form, submission of yearly assignment is a mandatory / must before appearing for term end exam.

    Rds, Gaurav Akrani (Final Year MPA Student, My IGNOU Centre is Vaze College, Mulund.)

  48. Gaurav Akrani said...

    How to fill and submit IGNOU's Term End Exam form?

    There are two options to do so :-


    1st Option = Fill ignou online exam form.

    Visit : examform.ignou.ac.in

    You need : Debit / Credit card for payment.

    If you don't use/ have ... credit or debit try 2nd option.


    2nd Option = Manualy submit exam form

    1st visit ...

    IGNOU's website where Term-End Examination Form June 2011 is located.

    and then take print out of following pdf document.

    IGNOU's Latest June Term-End Examination Form June 2011 - PDF Document.

    Make a DD in favour of IGNOU payable at city where your IGNOU RC is located (e.g. mumbai)

    Personally submit your filled form at IGNOU RC.

    Then Done !!!


    Select any of the above options as per your convenience.


    Before exam, hall tickets will be made available online.

    Take your hall-ticket's printout and keep you IGNOU ID ready.

    Then Attend you Term-End Exam on specified exam day.


    Then U R Done !!!

  49. Gaurav Akrani said...

    IGNOU's Yearly Schedule / Calender For Students

    * IGNOU conducts term-end exam twice a year.

    * Fill IGNOU Exam Forms in following month (to avoid late fee...)

    ***** For June Term-End Exam *****

    Fill exam form in : last week of February or 1st week of March

    After 2 months...

    Ignou's June Term-End Exam will be held in 1st week of June.

    June Exam starts from 1st of June.

    Exam is generally held in the early morning.


    ****For December Term-End Exam*****

    Fill exam form in : last week of August or 1st week of September

    After 2 months...

    Ignou's June Term-End Exam will be held in 1st week of December.

    December Exam starts from 1st of December.

    Exam is generally held in the early morning.


    * IGNOU Hall tickets are made available online (So don't wait for postage hall tickets).
    Be Responsible!!! Take a printout of your online hall ticket with your IGNOU ID Card and visit exam venue.
    Printed hall ticket is allowed in IGNOU Exam but only along with your IGNOU ID Card.

    * Web URL For IGNOU Hall tickets all courses.


    Note:- Above urls are not permanent and keeps on changing. Thus may not be a fixed location for upcoming hall tickets.

  50. Anonymous said...

    i want info on TYBCOM admissions
    can i appear TY immediately after HSC

  51. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Admission of most courses will start after June 2011 Exams.

    You better personally consult IGNOU Mulund RC.

    One year degree is 100% illegal, unrecognized and not UGC approved. Such degrees are not accepted for private and government recruitment. You also cannot purse higher education on the fake one year degree certificate. Better stay away from Degree Mills in India.

    On the other side, you can take admission for a three Year B.Com Degree Course in IGNOU. To get a valid degree from a recognised university like IGNOU you need to do F.Y, S.Y and T.Y., that is, 3 years of education.

    So in short, you cannot do T.Y.B.COM directly after H.S.C (12th).

    I hope this will help you my friend.

    Rds, Gaurav (MPA, IGNOU)

  52. S2 said...

    Late fee for TEE JUNE 2011 has been revised to Rs 1000 if submitted after 1st of May but before 20th May.

  53. Anonymous said...

    I am a graduate and I want to enroll for MA in english course, but i havnt done my graduation from arts stream. Will i be able 2 enroll for the course...?

  54. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Yes! You can do MA in English even if you're from commerce or science stream.

  55. Anonymous said...

    Hi gaurav,
    read most of the commnents above and thought this d right place to get some gd advice. I did BE(extc)in 2001, and had experience from software indust of 4 yrs. now i had taken break for last 3 yrs and don't have any plan to join s/w in future for some personal reasons. i am interested in msc maths also i want to do career i maths. please guide me. can i join ignou for bsc maths distance learning?
    thanks in advance

  56. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Yes you can, provide IGNOU has a MSc Maths Degree Course. Download latest IGNOU prospectus to find exact details of all PG courses.

  57. Anonymous said...

    Dear Gaurav
    read all your comments felt positive about IGNOU as i tried calling their office for past 3 weeks but proved futile. I am planning to do my Masters in Tourism Management, I hope the Mulund center has study center for the same.can you advise me on the same @ lynden_luis@hotmail.com

  58. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Ignou has tourism management degree course. Personally consult IGNOU RC in mulund on any working day. Avoid visiting on Sunday and Public holidays. Rds, Gaurav

  59. Anonymous said...

    Hi Gaurav,

    Thanks for the reply, from which site can i download the form or do i have to go there personally and get it.

    Regards - Lynden

  60. Gaurav Akrani said...

    You can download the FORM from Ignou's official website http://IGNOU.AC.IN

    However, it is always better and highly recommended if you give a personal visit to IGNOU Regional Centre and get your queries and academic doubts resolved.

    Rds, Gaurav :)

  61. Anonymous said...

    Hi. I am Prashant. I am searching way to complete graduation in 1 year. I heard about IGNOU.please help me regarding this.

  62. siddharth said...

    Hi Gaurav

    I am an engineering graduate and at the moment, employed with a software major. I am interested in economics and IGNOU seems to have a very a good course for the same. Unfortuantely, the last date for application with late fee is 31st august. On weekdays I am at work and on weekends the regional center is closed. I am planning to take a leave in the next couple of days and get registered. I have a few doubts which, judging by the way you have been able to help others, I would like to put forth here. :

    1. The draft that has to be submitted should have the first sem fee as well as the late fee of 200. Is this correct?

    2. The draft can be from any bank or IGNOU requires applicants to carry drafts from specific banks.

    3. I don't have my 'degree'with me. But the grade sheets as well as the provisional degree certificate are all in place. Will it suffice or my application will be rejected.?

    4. the last date for application falls on a public holiday. Does that mean that the deadline will be extended? If not will applications after 31st august be entertained?

    I am sorry for bombarding you with so many questions. But unfortunately, time is short and I need assistance.


  63. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Dear Prashant,

    One year graduation is not a graduation at all.

    I don't know who gave you this information for enrolling a year (12 months) graduation course.

    In India, a graduation degree course of any stream from any legal university (open or traditional) is recognized as legal, if and only if, it is of minimum 3 years. Professional technical courses like engineering is of 4 years.

    Only possibility under which you can enroll for one year (Final year or T.Y) degree course in IGNOU is that you've already completed 2 years (First Year and Second Year) from some other university and have a valid migration certificate from that university.

    I think this is the only legal way to complete your graduation in one year.

    Warning! Please don't get fooled and conned by degree mills operating in India.

    Before you think to join any degree or diploma course please verify that it is fully approved and recognised by institutions like UGC, AICTE, AIU, DEC, Ministry of HRD, State Govt, etc.

    Rds, Gaurav

  64. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Dear Siddharth,

    Your decision to do p.g in economics is very wise and will prove very rewarding.

    Answer 1. If you're planning to take admission for first year of m.a in economics then you'll have to pay full fee of first year (you call it Sem 1) along with late fee, if applicable, during admission. Yes! Demand draft must include late fees (i.e Course Fee + Late Fees). However, before you make DD it is always better to consult and verify the same with the IGNOU officer.

    Answer 2. Make a DD only from a nationalised bank.

    There is also facility to pay your fees to IGNOU with your Debit or Credit card via online Net-banking. In this case, you can pay from private banks like ICICI.

    Answer 3. Yes! IGNOU do accept provisional degree certificate. But along with it you must also carry attested XEROX copies of your FY, SY, TY marksheet (result).

    Answer 4. Never wait for the last due date and always take admission as soon as possible. Not sure, but I think a public holiday is counted as a last day.

    Still don't worry about the fuzz of last day of admission because IGNOU's admission are open for entire year that too in two sessions (June and Jan). So, if you missed one round then take admission in next round. Thus, you won't lose a valuable year.

    Hey Buddy! Please don't feel sorry. You're always most welcomed to clear your doubts.

    Rds, Gaurav Akrani.

  65. siddharth said...

    Thanks Gaurav.. I missed the last date for IGNOU as there were too many holidays in the last week and I had to go home for some personal work. But your post sure has been encouraging, so I will try for admissions in January :)

    I was also looking at Mumbai University IDOL. Is it any good? IGNOU's economics course seems far better than IDOL's. Can you suggest any other institutes, which have a good reputation in imparting distance education?

    Since you have experience in these matters, i.e researching for good distance education institutes. I thought I'll ask.

    Thanks for all the help :)

  66. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Dear Siddharth,

    Before I guide you, first I would like to know little about your academic background and current job or career status.

    I mean to ask you following questions ...

    1) Tell about your educational background, percentage, stream, no. of degrees / diplomas you have, etc.

    2) If working, where are you working currently?

    2.1) Are you working in a private firm, MNC, PSU, State or Central Govt of India, etc.

    3) If not working, and you are a student, then what are your future career goals / aspirations, etc.

    i.e in which field you would love to make your full-time career.

    If you answer above questions only then it would be apt. for me to guide you.

    Rds, Gaurav Akrani.

  67. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Also one more question ...

    Q.Why have you decided to do pg in economics?

    How will you make use of this degree.

    Are you doing masters in economics for knowledge purpose or have some other plans in your mind.

    Do communicate so I can help you better.

    Rds, Gaurav Akrani.

  68. SOORAJ said...

    hi, so nice of u to post about IGNOU regional center in mulund...such a good news for all students in mumbai.
    i want to do my BA/BA in psychology from IGNOU bt after that can i apply for master's programs in any colleges??? or would i have to continue with IGNOU???


  69. Gaurav Akrani said...


    After completing your B.A from IGNOU you can continue you higher education either from IGNOU itself or from any traditional university, without any legal issues.

    Rds, Gaurav Akrani.

  70. siddharth said...

    Hi Gaurav

    Thanks once again for the prompt response. Apologies for not providing details about my educational qualifications, work-ex etc. earlier.

    Let me give u a look into my educational background before touching upon my reasons for pursuing economics.

    My educational qualifications:

    B.Tech Bioinformatics (Computational Biology) - Grade point average : 7.5 on 10 (First class with Distinction)

    12th grade (science) : board of intermediate education, AP - 85.2 %

    10th grade : CBSE, - 88.4 %

    Work Experience :
    Summer intern (june2009 to july 2009) - Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.

    Research Assistant (June 2010 to December 2010) - Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

    Software Engineer Trainee - L&T infotech Feb 2011 to present

    Well, that briefly sums up everything that I have done since entering high school :)

    I was always better at social studies in School. But, after finishing 10th grade, instead of following my interests, I followed the 'herd' and opted for sciences because (a) I had good grades and (b) because it was supposed to be 'cool'..

    A couple of semesters into engineering and I started realizing, albeit very slowly that my interests lay somewhere else and an engineering degree and the job that it'll eventually fetch me would only be a stepping stone to an alternative career.

    I first got interested in economics due to a subject in my engineering course called
    Genetic algorithms. It had a topic on 'game theory' which is widely applicable in economics. Even as an undergraduate student I had started thinking about doing an MBA (In fact it goes way before that) and now when I look at the MBA curriculum followed by most B-schools, many of the subjects are related directly or indirectly to economics.

    I have a fair bit of background in scientific research. Post MBA, I might opt for doctoral studies in economics itself.
    Though that is still a 'might' and not a 'will' :)

    There are varied reasons and I can go on and on. But the primary reason is that I find economics interesting, even at its most basic level and an MA will help me approach the subject in a very structured way. Open schooling will give me the liberty of studying at my pace and will also help me avoid the 'rote- method' of learning which a full-time course will in all probability employ. Besides, I have to do full justice to my work as well. :)

    I hope I haven't bored you to death by now..

    Thanks once again!

  71. SOORAJ said...

    hi gaurav,

    thanks to you for all the info here i went to the IGNOU regional center in mulund today and got myself a common prospectus and i wanted to pursue BA psychology(BAPC) but couldn't find any details on the prospectus about it so now do i have to go there again and get the BA psychology prospectus??? they suggested only college near mulund is kelkar college...what are your views about the college??


  72. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Kelkar college would be a good study center.

  73. SOORAJ said...

    thanks....everything is sorted out and the staff at the IGNOU center are great ad friendly and attend to all your queries. I'll b taking my admission for the January session on November or December!
    thanks gaurav akrani for this page...really helped!

  74. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Dear Siddharth,

    Congrats! You've have a solid academic background.

    I also salute your academic endeavour.

    It's rightly said, "Learning must never stop and education must continue forever."

    Further, you've been a part of highly respectful IISc, Bangalore. So now I've no doubts about your IQ.

    A smart guy like you must first try to find out any new distance or online education courses, if available, at institutions like:-

    1. London School of Economics (LES)

    LSE is globally reputed for economics.

    2. Delhi School of Economics (DSE)

    Top institute for economics in India.

    If distance or online education is not available at above institutes only then opt for following choices like IDOL or IGNOU.

    *** Lets see PROS and CONS of IDOL vs IGNOU ***

    * Pros of IDOL :-

    1. IDOL is a unit of traditional Mumbai University.

    2. IDOL is fully recognised by UGC, AIU, DEC.

    3. Degrees awarded to students imparting distance education at IDOL is same as that given to the regular students of Mumbai University (MU). The world "OPEN" is not mentioned on the degree certificate awarded by IDOL.

    4. Degree of IDOL (i.e of Mumbai University) have a good repute and status in the eyes of most private employers and MNCs. Hence, IDOL is recommended over IGNOU, if and only if, you want to excel your career in some pvt. firm or MNC.

    * Cons of IDOL:-

    1. IDOL's Admission process is very very hectic, extremely annoying and seems never-ending time consuming task. It takes days, sometimes even a month to complete your entire admission procedure. In other words, it means, many queues and multiple visits to the IDOL centre, in Kalina. This is not suitable for full-time working students. IDOL admissions are open only during June-July month, i.e. once in a year. Hence a missed last date means a loss of a valuable year.

    2. On basis of my personal experiences, I confess but feel bad to admit that, "The staff of IDOL is rude and not student friendly at all." So, if you've any doubts or academic queries they may not get resolved quickly and easily. I have seen many students consulting other students rather than facing an university official.

    3. IDOL always ask for Migration Certificate (MC) or Transfer Certificate (TC). They also confiscate Original Degree Certificate / Marksheets in the name of verification and are not satisfied with attested XEROX copies of the originals. This is quite irritating for most students because it takes almost a year to get your certificates verified and further 6-8 months before you acquire your originals once again. In short, aprox 2 years delay to get back your precious degree certificate.

    4. Full self-study materials are not provided for all courses. Students are often told to access library to meet their course needs. IDOL students often depend on their friends studying in regular M.U. affiliated colleges for lucid study materials. Me myself being a former student of IDOL have never found its study material as comprehensive, lucid and reader friendly. Therefore, I never kept my IDOL books in a bookshelf and send them all to RADDIWALA.

    5. DAMN! IDOL's education is also 5x times costly if compared with IGNOU's Fees.

    6. Exams are conducted on working days and not on public holidays. Again not good for working students. Exam forms are to submitted manually with fees in form of DD and are not available (when last checked) to be filled via online or internet.

    7. Exam month and date is often dynamic and results are never on time.

    8. Exam hall-tickets are to be taken manually ans stamped from IDOL HQ and are not available / allowed for an online printout.

    9. Age restrictions are intact for some courses.

    There are many other cons but I think above are enough (sufficient) to an unbiased idea about IDOL.

  75. Gaurav Akrani said...

    above comment is continued below ...

    * Pros of IGNOU (Mumbai RC at Om leva vikas niketan, Mulund).

    1. IGNOU is a central university with all-India jurisdiction. It was establised by a law passed in our parliament.

    2. IGNOU is fully recognised by UGC, AIU, AICTE (for MBA), DEC, Central Govt of India's Ministry of HRD, all States Govts, AAOU, etc.

    3. Easy one-day manual admission procedure. IGNOU don't confiscate Original documents and accepts attested XEROX copies of Degree certificate and Marksheets. Hassel-free Online admission is also available at IGNOU. Along with traditional Demand Draft (DD), course fees are also accepted via net-banking, credit or debit cards, etc.

    4. Admission at IGNOU is open around the year i.e. in two rounds, viz., June and Jan.

    5. Provides Affordable and High Quality education.

    6. Full self-study materials are provided for each and every subject. So, no need to buy other reference books. However, interested students are always encouraged by IGNOU to refer other reference books via a list mentioned after each chapter in its study materials. IGNOU books are complied by subject experts form reputed institutions of national importance like IIT, IISc, NIT, IIPA, etc. IGNOU's study materials are well-edited, comprehensive, lucid and very reader friendly, are also equipped with necessary glossary and exercises for evalaution of subject knowledge.

    7. IGNOU Degrees are very suitable and accepted if you want to make full-time careers in Central and States Govts., Municipal Corporations, PSUs, Nationalised Banks, etc.

    8. There is no age restriction for any IGNOU courses. Age restriction is also removed from IGNOU's B.Tech Engineering Degree courses conduted via VERTICALLY INTEGRATED ENGINEERING PROGRAMME (VIEP).

    9. Exams are conducted on time as per yearly planned academic calendar. Hence it is always easy to pre-plan one's studies.

    11. Exam Hall-ticket are send via post. However, if they don't reach on time, then students are allowed to take an online printout of their ehall-tickets.

    12. Personally, I've found IGNOU Mumbai (Mulund) RC staff very kind and helpful.

  76. Gaurav Akrani said...

    above comment is again continued below ...

    * Cons of IGNOU :-

    1. IGNOU Degree are still looked down by some pvt. employers and MNCs. The word "OPEN" on an open university degree seems very hard nut for them to digest and convince. They prefer to hire students with degrees from a traditional university over open university. It is so, because, they are arrested by a myth that open university students are poor in their clarity of concepts and have a low academic background. Which is not always true. I think this notion is slowly fading and soon open education will be as respectful as its counterpart, the traditional education.

    2. Not all study centres of IGNOU are supportive and encouraging. Some are very poorly managed, don't arrange doubts-clearing sessions or lectures for needy students, and lacks basic amenities and infrastructure to satisfy regular students' needs.

    3. IGNOU still haven't reached far-flung areas of India. Hence, it is still not accesible to rural masses. Though approach is already started to reach maximum people still it is at a snail's pace and hence need more funding and boost.

    4. IGNOU's Website (http://www.ignou.ac.in) which play a key role towards imparting distance education is not up to its mark. IGNOU's website is poorly designed, lacks professionalism, is very hard to navigate and search, also hosted on weak I.T infrastructure which is not sufficient and capable to tackle and serve a huge load of millions of students. Hence, a new, simple, vibrant and professional student friendly website is an urgent need of time.

    5. IGNOU still haven't released any of its online Open Courseware alike MIT and IITs. Apart from focussing on Gyan Darshan a wider focus on uploading educational streaming videos of live and recorded lectures, interactive presentations, etc., on IGNOU's website will serve more educational purpose.

    6. IGNOU RC is not operative on holidays and sundays. This is not in favour for working students and they're forced to take a leave from their working schedules.

    Hey! Siddharth, I think above discussion will help you make a better better decision / choice for your further education in Economics.

    Rds, Gaurav Akrani.

  77. Dr.Parwez Alam said...

    Hi Gaurav,
    I need IGNOU Notes of Public Administration.
    Can I buy this from Regional Centre, not being a student of IGNOU? Or, is there any place in Mumbai from there I can get a copy?
    Pease suggest....thanks.

  78. Gaurav Akrani said...

    I don't think IGNOU notes are sold openly.

    If you want IGNOU notes for UPSC Exam then I recommend it is better to get notes of Brilliant tutorials for Public Administration

  79. siddharth said...

    Hi Gaurav...

    Mere words cannot be used to extend my gratitude to you for all the help you have given me. I am not the smart guy here, in fact you are more deserving of that title. I may have some fancy names on my resume, but it takes a different kind of compassion and humanity to help complete strangers. I salute you man. Your detailed analysis of the pros and cons of IDOL and IGNOU is a testimony to your smartness. I have never come as close to helping people as you have, through a single post on this blog. I am sure every - netizen- who has visited this page and gained from it will echo my thoughts. :)

    I have another clarification to seek .. (and plenty more I guess - Every time a post arrives from you, a few new questions pop in my head :)..). By Joining IGNOU in January 2012 , when will I graduate, assuming that I clear every exam and semester on time. Will it be January 2014 or do I get to finish with people who have joined in july 2011 by taking extra courses?

    AS for IDOL, it seems too risky. Considering that students have to submit, and as u put it so effectively, forget about them for 2 years. DSE, from what I have seen thus far, isn't directly offering courses rather, DU has its own arm for imparting distance education, DU-SOL. You have probably know all about it. :)

    LSE is too big and too far from India :) The logistics are a little difficult to come to terms with. Besides, graduates like me are required to go though a one year dimploma in economics before moving on to a full time course. So, I guess I'll stick to IGNOU. We will then be part of the same university :)

    Do write back when u find some time, on the lone doubt that have put forth this time around .. :)

    Thanks for all the help!


  80. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Namaste Siddharth,

    Decision to select IGNOU is appropriate.

    A brief glance on your upcoming academic.

    It will look something like this. Not accurate else just a plain estimate...

    Step 1. JAN 2012 :-

    You take Admission to M.A (ECO).

    You collect your IGNOU ID-Card and Course Books.

    Important! Before you leave IGNOU's Regional Centre (RC) premise, you must ask IGNOU official following question...

    "When and Where to submit a mandatory yearly assignment for M.A 1st year."

    IGNOU official will give you a DATE and PLACE to submit the assignment.

    Please! Note down this 'DATE' and 'PLACE' in your diary for future reference.

    I recommend you to add this important date on any free SMS Alert service for a future reminder.

    Complete and submit your assignment before august or on given date.

    Important! While submitting your assignment don't forget to collect a "Receipt" as an acknowledgement or proof that you've submitted your assignment to IGNOU. You'll need this receipt later while filling term-end exam form.

    Later, preserve this 'Assignment Receipt' safely.

    Step 2. Mid AUG or 1st week of SEP 2012 :-

    You fill M.A (Eco) 1st year exam form.

    You will need to Submit =
    Exam form + DD + Assignment Receipt.

    Ignou's exam forms are not always available as a hard copy. So it is always better to keep a soft-copy of latest M.A Exam form as an important backup in your pen-drive or PC.

    IGNOU RC (Mulund) allows students to...

    Option (i) :-
    Take print-out of exam form followed by submitting it manually at IGNOU RC.

    or / alternative

    Option (ii) :-
    You can fill M.A exam form online and pay necessary exam fee via debit / credit card or net-banking.
    But this is not recommended.

    Option (i) is highly recommended. So go for manual submission only. This is for your assurity and safety.

    Before accepting your exam form, IGNOU's offical may ask you for your assignment submission receipt. Without this receipt exam forms are generally not accepted.

    Assuming your exam form + receipt was accepted...

    Now after 2 months...

    Step 3. Dec 2012 :-

    You appear for first year term-end exam of M.A. (Economics).

    After this, you partially completed 1st year of M.A. Why partially? B'cz your results are now pending.

    Now don't wait for 1st year results.

    In December 2012 itself, contact IGNOU RC once again. This time to inquire regarding admission date, fees and procedure for upcoming Final Year i.e. 2nd Year of M.A (Economics). Yes! you need to take admission once again for 2nd year.

  81. Gaurav Akrani said...

    above comment is continued below...

    Step 4. 2nd Year 2013:-

    For second year of M.A i.e. Year 2013 repeat same procedure as above mentioned for year 2012.

    * Important Note:-

    You'll have to take admission for 2nd year once again.

    2nd year also has a compulsory assignment to be submitted.

    In first quarter of 2013, your result of 2012 term-end exam of M.A 1st year may be declared.

    Similarly, in first quarter of 2014, your result of 2013 term-end exam of M.A 2nd year may be declared.

    Step 5. Year 2014 :-

    Assuming you've cleared or passed all subjects of 1st and 2nd year...

    Be ready with your 1st and 2nd year marksheets.

    Now fill "IGNOU's Degree Application Form" to request your M.A Degree. For this you'll need attested Xerox copies of your 1st year and 2nd year marksheet. Submit this form at IGNOU RC with some nominal fee in form of DD.

    After few months, you'll receive your Degree via Registered post.

    If you have some extra time and space in your routines, then try to attend your convocation ceremony at IGNOU HQ.

    So this way you can complete your M.A Eco pursuit at IGNOU.

    *** Very Important Final Note:-

    After getting your degree if you still want to go for higher education like M.Phil, M.S, PHD, etc. in traditional universites in India or abroad. Then...

    Before you take next step, "Don't forget to apply for IGNOU's Migration or Transfer certificate i.e. MC or TC"

    Simply apply for MC or TC at IGNOU RC and you'll receive the same via registered post.

    So now you will have following important original docs...

    1. M.A first year marksheet.
    2. M.A second year marksheet.
    3. Degree Certificate.
    4. Migration certificate.

    Now, if interested, you can safely opt for higher education with no legal problems.

    Best of luck! for your academic pursuit.

    Rds, Gaurav Akrani.

  82. siddharth said...

    HI Gaurav

    That's a very good overview of the activities that a student will have to do in a two year association with IGNOU. Thanks for all the help. I'll make a checklist of everything that you have mentioned here and hopefully, things will fall into place. :)

    once again , thanks for all the help


  83. Anonymous said...

    I want to do MBA from IGNOU.
    To know information about entrance I tried to call on contact number provied on site.
    From 10am to 1 pm their number comes busy. in lunch time it rings , no one pick up phone. After lunch time again it's busy from last 15 days same sequence. Is IGNOU's employees so.... busy on phone???
    I reside at borivali, so it's not so easy to visit at mulund.
    If anyone have contact bno of IGNOU's office where they pick up the phone and give some info...
    Please tell me yaar...

  84. Prathaviraj Purohit said...

    Hi Gaurav,

    I spent the last 30 mins reading your blog & i find it more insightful than IGNOU's website itself. I am a working professional in an IT Company & want to do an MBA in IT. Please advise if this degree will hold any importance in enhancing my career prospects.

  85. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Dear Prathaviraj,

    Why don't you go for PMP Certification?

    Project Management Professional (PMP) by PMI

  86. Anonymous said...

    hello guys! this place is very cool! kindly tell me does degree from ignou is vaild to get entry in reputed abroad universities? like after doing masters thru distance mode can u get admission in some top reputed well know university abroad like US n UK in thr masters etc distance course and regular??? also when admission is starting for masters in arts in ignou? when i can apply?thanks a lot in advance!

  87. Anonymous said...

    Some where i read dat last date of Addmission is by NOV for 2012. plzzzzzzz guide me is it possible to get admission from now.

  88. Anonymous said...

    That's a very good overview of the activities that a student will have to do in a two year association with IGNOU. Thanks for all the help. I'll make a checklist of everything that you have mentioned here and hopefully, things will fall into place. :)

  89. Anonymous said...

    hi Gaurav can u plz give me details about the Ecced distance course thru IGNOU

  90. Anonymous said...

    Dear Mr Gurav,
    I undersigned had admission in IGNOU in year 2007 for MP programme.I have cleared all subjects. I got approved synopsis in Feb 2011. After that i came in Germany and not able to submit my final project.
    Can you check and let me know whether the Feb 2011 approved synopsis is still valid and I can submit Project based on that?

    Do I need of reregistratoin? what is fees for it?

    I tried to call regional office in Mulund several times even i sent email to them but no sucess.


  91. Anonymous said...

    hi i am dr. yashashri prabhu..i have enrolled for the asso studentship programme...frm delhi...i am a resident of mumbai..i wish to complete mu phe 3 and che 3 lab courses frm mumbai...i have tried calling the mulund reg centre but failed to get in touch..kindly let me know which study centre will offer me the lab course..thank u

  92. Gaurav Akrani said...


    Please visit IGNOU Mulund Regional Centre on any working days to clarify your all doubts.

    They will guide you better than me.

    Currently, I am not in touch with IGNOU's Updates.

    Best of Luck, Rds, Gaurav.

  93. Anonymous said...

    hi Gaurav,
    First of all a big salute to you for helping every one without any greed and malice.
    My friend iam in need of genuine help let me tell you my situation.
    I have completed my S.Y.Bsc (phy, chem) from K.C college in year 99-2000.
    I failed in my T.Y Bsc (phy) and could not continue my studies after that since i got job and was earning well
    I never thought of completing my grad but now that stupid decision of mine is hampering my promotions and other benefits.
    So my Friend i want to know if it is possible for me to take admission directly in T.Y in any course of IGNOU's or for that matter Mumbai university (If u know).
    unfortunately I cannot do regular course as iam working and hardly have any time.
    I'll really appreciate if you could give me some advice or suggestions .
    I'll be honest with you that i have not gone to mumbai university or any other university just because of sheer shame .
    Hope u'll help me out of this mess

  94. Anonymous said...

    Hello everyone, the courses offered by IGNOU are very limited. The study materials are very good. The physical feedback from the study center is not so good, many students are not aware of the study centers and telephonic calls are not entertained at all. So we have to personnel go there and make few rounds of the study center before get enrolled.

  95. Anonymous said...

    Hi, I'm Suchita Kujur. I have enrolled for the course of B.Sc.N.(PB) Programme from Delhi. I'm a resident of Ranchi, Jharkhand.Till now i did not got my schedule for classes & my course material.I have tried to call the Mulund regional centre many times but failed to get in touch. Kindly let me know all these information. thank you.

  96. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Contact IGNOU personally. Currently I am not in touch with them. Give IGNOU Office a personal visit to clear all your doubts. Also keep in touch with others student of your degree course. Prepare a calender of events of your course. I hope this helps.

  97. Anonymous said...


    my email id-dr.atripathi36@gmail.com and mob-09757211351

  98. Krishna said...

    I suggest 'Sociology' because it would definitely be a better option to go with after finishing Pub Ad.

  99. Anonymous said...

    I have completed master of science(Archives and records management) from Kenyatta university-2013. Which other masters would complement it.

  100. Anonymous said...

    I want to study M.A in English literature (correspondence)how do I go about?pcp lectures .?I stay at vasai so exam centre?

  101. Anonymous said...

    Hello. I wish to pursue correspondence MA in psychology from IGNOU and my BA results came few days back only. But on the ignou site, they have not mentioned MA in psychology. So is the course available or not?

  102. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Give a personal visit to Mumbai regional center office to know more. It will surely help you clear all doubts.

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