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China Xinjiang Urumqi Violence Riot Videos 156 Killed 824 Injured

square Xinjiang's Violence 156 Killed 824 Injured

Just after recent Lhasa riots in Tibet another communal violence erupted in Urumqi city of Xinjiang province, a north-western region of China. As per latest media reports Xinjiang's violence has left at least 156 dead and more than 824 injured. Vicious fighting between Muslim Uighurs and majority ethnic Han Chinese created a civil war like situation in world's biggest economy. Many people have been arrested and Xinjiang government has blamed this unrest on Rebiya Kadeer, a separatist World Uighur Congress leader and exiled business woman now living in United States. Xinhua News Agency reported that protesters carried knives, bricks and batons, attacked passers-by, set fire to vehicles, smashed cars buses and stores, even fought with police forces. An overnight curfew was imposed and situation is now in control.

China - Violence in Xinjiang

square China Xinjiang - Urumqi City Riot Videos

The agony of innocent people who were trapped in this violence can be seen in following videos.

square Agony of Wounded Civilians in Urumqi Riot

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