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Gauripada Village and Its Lake Photos in Kalyan West

A photo gallery of Gauripada village in Kalyan.

Gauripada Lake in Kalyan

A beautiful lake in the Gauripada Village, Kalyan West.

gauripada lake road

A small dusky road besides Gauripada lake.

man standing near gauripada lake

A man standing near Gauripada Lake.

house in gauripada village

A house in the Gauripada village.

trees in gauripada

A photo of trees in the Gauripada village.

Housing Construction in Gauripada kalyan

Ongoing housing construction in Gauripada, Kalyan.



  1. Anonymous said...

    Hello Gaurav I am Mangesh. I stay at Milind Nagar near Gauri Pada Lake. Congratulations for your website and thanks 4 putting very good photos of Gauripada area. By the way I think yours is only blog form Kalyan City. We few people from Kalyan have started online portals like yours. Thankyou very much for a good website.

    Keep updating few good places from kalyan east as well. I love kalyan city very much.

    Mangesh Bhoir, Milind Nagar, Student of Birla College.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Thanks Gaurav, This is Eknath.. i also staying near gauripada lake, beside of Lashmi park.. Thanks for uploading such pics...

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