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Disclaimer and Privacy Policy of Kalyan City Life Blog

square Disclaimer of blog

We have taken enough care and necessary efforts to provide correct information on all concerned topics. However, we still don't make any guarantees regarding accuracy or completeness of such information.

Our readers, especially students, are requested to make use of this website as a source of additional information and not as an alternative to their prescribed and/or recommended text-books, and professional academic teachings. Furthermore, students are kindly requested not to copy our learning materials as it is and submit the same in their school and/or college assignments. Else we highly encourage them to read our online study notes to get clear understanding and best grip on the concepts of different topics. Students are kindly requested to prepare their own notes, articles and essays by using our study notes as just samples and/or reference materials.

The contents published on this blog (website) are generally safe, and therefore, are suitable to knowledge seeking readers of all age groups.

We can't estimate how and for what purpose information published herein may be used for. Therefore, we shall not be held liable nor responsible for damages and other unexpected outcomes, if any, arising from the misuse of our published information.

We run a free online service and don't charge any fees from our users. We also don't and will never accept donations from our users. Users are requested to avoid interacting with third parties falsely claiming as our official agents or representatives.

We respect faiths or beliefs, cultures and traditions, nationality, laws, gender, religion, race, caste, creed, language, symbols, national anthems, and any other legally protected status of all individuals. We have taken extreme precaution to see to it that our actions, either directly or indirectly, don't hurt sentiments of people. If you still find any published content on this website as objectionable, then, please feel free to contact us immediately. Here, it is important that a user must communicate us why he/she finds any specific content as unacceptable. Once communicated, the final decision, whether to or not to remove and/or correct the reported content remains in hands of the chief editor-cum-administrator of this blog.

We sincerely thank Google for providing us a reliable blogging platform (Blogger.com) and easy accessibility to its other quality on-line services like Google Application Engine, Google Webmaster Tools and Picasa Web Albums. We also highly acknowledge our loyal readers for their contributions made in form of useful comments, constructive suggestions, and alerts on identified errors.

Here, our sole mission is to keep contributing the internet with flow of quality information. Knowledge sharing is now a part of our daily lives.

To know more about and/or to clarify any of the above-mentioned or missed points you can reach us by contacting our only official email address, which is kalyancitylife@gmail.com. We will try to respond to you as early as possible.

square Privacy policy of blog

Google (a 3rd party vendor) uses cookies to serve advertisements (ads) on kalyan-city.blogspot.com and its other country-specific TLDs (ccTLDs). The use of DoubleClick DART cookie enables Google to serve relevant contextual ads to users based on their visits to this blog and other websites on the internet. To know more about how ads are served users may opt to read Google advertising privacy policy.

Cookie is a small data file that is sent from a web server and gets stored in a user's browser. The cookie is stored when a user is browsing through a website. Cookies are harmless tiny files and may not affect the functioning of a computer system. However, they do raise privacy concerns as they keep a long-term record of users browsing patterns.

If your online privacy is of great concern to you, then we suggest you better take some appropriate cookie management actions as follows:

  1. Open your default browser and click on its setting's tab, also called as preferences or option's tab. Find a privacy button, then select and set (save) your preference, whether to or not to accept cookies from any specific website or from all websites. Once you have made the necessary setting, restart your browser to see new changes, in effect. You must also note that most browsers accept cookies by default.
  2. Cookies can also be deleted manually from the cache folder of your browser. To find the location of this folder on your computer you must refer the help option of your default browser.
  3. To handle cookies in a more efficient way you can search Google to find utilities for managing cookies.

Like many other websites, this blog also use web analytics tools and/or softwares like Google Analytics and Woopra. These services anonymously collect data and keep server logs (records) of all users' activities on this blog. These logs mainly contain a record of user's IP address, country of origin, name of browser or user-agent used, operating system (OS), screen resolution, address of referring site, visit durations, searched keywords, etc.

A web log is created when any user sends an information request on this blog. Furthermore, we don't directly track a user's presence on this blog. The user data is collected and securely stored only by above-mentioned web analytics tools. This information helps us (admins of this blog) to study and understand the needs, demands and behaviour of our incoming traffic. This overall, prepare us to give our visitors a quality knowledge sharing experience. To find out more on this, users may opt to read privacy policy of Google Analytics and Woopra.

To prevent web analytics tools from collecting your details you may opt to disable the javascript option in your default browser. To find out where this option is exactly located, refer your browser's help file.

Apart from usage-information collected by its web analytics tools, this blog or website doesn't ask for personal information of any kind, through any other ways, from its users.

The disclaimer and privacy policy of this blog is likely to get routine updates at our sole discretion. This page will notify such a change immediately, if any.

We promise to abide by this policy strictly.

The current policy is, in effect, from 24th September 2012.

Yours Truly, Kalyan City Life Team.

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