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Why We Must Stop Complaining? See This and Think On it

In today's 21st century, there also exist a ignored world deprived of very basic needs of human survival. We, materialistic people, care much more about our diets, health, clothes, fashion, brands, luxury cars, furnitures, parties, cinemas and lots more similar things. But there are some people in one corner of our world who have never realized any such words.

  1. They have no shoes, so they use plastic bottles.
  2. They have no books, so they write on ground.
  3. They have no meals, so they are compelled to eat dry grass.
  4. They have no milk, so they drink polluted water.
  5. They have no energy, so they talk less.
  6. And, after all, when they suffer and die, they don't even get a graveyard to rest in peace.

Want to know what I am saying? Just scroll below to witness the happiness of our lives and harshness of their lives.

poor childern writing on ground

Rich children using computers for learning while poor children using a dusky ground as a medium to practice writing numbers.

poor hungry childern

A dad is happy seeing her daughter eating a big burger while starving women with their malnourished children probably standing in a queue for food.

a malnourished child

Kids in the developed world are getting obese by overeating junk food while some unlucky poor children are dying of hunger due to lack of a simple meal.

malnourished poor childern

Parents take care of their children while poor orphan kids not only take care of themselves but also of their siblings.

poor child with a human skull

Some children enjoy playing video games while poor children have no other option other than playing with the remains of their dear ones.

Flip flops made of plastic bottles

Some children have no shoes to wear, so they make use of waste plastic bottles to make footwears.

died of starvation

Lucky children have a privilege to sleep on a comfortable bed, but there are also some unlucky ones who are forced to sleep on streets and die.

Let's take a lesson from above pictures. Faith blessed us with caring parents, safe home, ample food and clean water, protective clothes, good education and also never-ending entertainment. Aren't we lucky enough?

are you still complaining

Are you still complaining about all that you don't have?

Be thankful for all that you have

Look around you and feel how lucky you are. Be thankful for all that you have.

we are fortunate

Indeed, you are fortunate than them.

stop complaining

So let's stop complaining and start admiring all that we have.

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