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Youtube Went Down For Maintenance On July 9, 2009

square For Short Time Youtube Went Offline On July 9

Popular video sharing site Youtube went down for a very short time on Thursday, July 9, 2009 at 01:19:45 UTC. Possible reason for this down time was routine maintenance. Very few users experienced Youtube getting offline since it was well back in less than a minute. Till today I've never experienced such a major site getting offline. Here are some snaps that I captured when Youtube was down...

Youtube was down

square Youtube Was Down For Maintenance, Snaps

Youtube was down

Youtube saying..."It is down for maintenance and will be back in short time" when seen on Google Chrome Browser

Youtube down for maintenance

Youtube.com giving internal server error when opened in Opera Web Browser.

square Regards, Gaurav Akrani


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  1. Gaurav Akrani said...

    I love Youtube.Com. It is one of the greatest invention in history of internet.

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