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Articles published on Kalyan City Life blog is inspired by our work experience, field research, study of various good books and papers, seminars and consultations from subject scholars. Our unique collection of useful study notes is an outcome of a team effort and hard work of Gaurav Akrani, Prof. Mudit Katyani and Manoj Patil.

Beauty of Snakes & Reptiles - Beautiful Colorful Snake Photos

red square 1. Pictures of Most Beautiful & Colourful Snakes

Orange Snake

King Cobra

Orange Snake

Indian Cobra

Tiger Snake


Tiger Snake

Indian Cobra

Monocled Cobra

Coral Snake

Rhinoceros Horned Viper

Albino Python

Albino Python

Giant King Cobra

Huge Python


Red Snake

Colourful Lizard

Reticulated Python


Green Pit Viper

red square Snake Photography - Snakes' Beauty - Nature's Art


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  1. scott7590 said...

    Nice photos, but why don't you identify the snakes?

    The Aeizona Mountain kindsnake should certainly be number one.

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