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Durgadi Fort Durgadi Killa - किल्ले दुर्गाडी कल्याण - Kalyan Photos

square 1. Pictures of Durgadi Fort / Killa In Kalyan West ↓

Durgadi is a derived from union of two Marathi words Durga (A Hindu Goddess) and Gaad (Which means 'Fort' in Marathi language). Durgadi Fort is Kalyan city's most adored historical monument, a sacred worshiping place and even a recreation spot for many Kalyankars. Durgadi Fort also called as Durgadi Killa was constructed during Shivaji's Era in honour of hindu deity Mata Durga.

Just before sunset, try reaching hilltop of Durgadi Fort, here you'll surely get a good view of Retibunder, Kalyan-Bhiwandi Bridge and Ganesh Ghat. Scroll below to see latest pictures of Durgadi Fort, Devi Durga's Temple and Durgadi's Masjid.

Entrance gate of durgadi fort killa
A welcoming entrance gate of Durgadi Fort / Killa in Kalyan (West).

Road to Durgadi Fort Killa
A single grey coloured tar road that goes up to Durgadi Fort / Killa.

night photo of Durgadi Fort Killa
A beautiful night photo of Durgadi Fort (Killa) in Kalyan City.

close up photo of Durgadi
A close up photo of Durgadi Fort / Killa.

Stairs of Durgadi Fort
Stairs of Durgadi Fort going up to Devi Durga's Temple.

photo of Stairs in Durgadi Fort
A closeup picture of stairs in Durgadi Fort.

ganesh mandir
A Ganesh Mandir welcoming Devi Durga's devotees visiting Durgadi Fort.

stairs of Durga Devi Mandir Temple
Stairs of Maa Durga's Mandir / Temple in Durgadi Fort.

message on temple in marathi
A Message in marathi language written on Devi Durga's temple saying, "Aaee Jagdambe tuzh namoah."

Masjid on Durgadi Fort Kalyan
A picture of an ancient Masjid standing on Durgadi Fort in Kalyan.

Temple Mandir On Durgadi Killa
A beautiful entrance of Devi Durga's Mandir on Durgadi Fort.

Durgadevi Temple Durgadi Kalyan
A sideview photo of Mata Durga's Temple situated on Durgadi Fort.

mata durga idol statue
Hindu goddess Maa Durga's Idol inside her Mandir / Temple on Durgadi Fort.

idol of goddess durga in saree
A holy idol of Maa Durga dressed in traditional green Saree.

ceiling photo of temple
A ceiling photo of goddess Durga's temple in Durgadi.

idols of maa durga
Two idols of Mata Durga are seen in this inside view of her temple in Durgadi.

seal inscribed on temple
A closeup photo of an ancient seal (written in sanskrit) inscribed on front saffron coloured wall of goddess Durga's temple in Durgadi.

masjid durgadi fort
A Masjid photo taken from premise of goddess Durga's temple in Durgadi.

durgadi fort
Final picture of stairs captured by Manoj when we were exiting Durgadi Fort.

square A Photo Gallery of Durgadi Fort / Killa in Kalyan (w)


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