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How To Download, Backup All Flickr Photos Albums With Bulkr

square red How To Download and Backup All Flickr Photos?

Flickr is a great online service to share your photography with the world. It provides you a free online platform to store, share and manage your digital assets like pictures and videos.


Though Flickr provides a safe online storage, it is always better to keep a personal backup of your digital assets. This tutorial will guide you to follow a tested procedure (that works). It will also help you to select a right tool for taking complete (hassle free) backup of all photos uploaded on Flickr.Com

square red Follow Instructions Below To Backup Your Photos

1. Download & Install Bulkr : Bulkr is a free, fast and easy to use Flickr application. It will help you to download and backup all Flickr photo albums with just few clicks. To install Bulkr, visit ClipYourPhotos.com and click 'Install Now'. This will automatically start Bulkr's installation on your computer / PC.

Install Bulkr

2. Open Bulkr Application : After installation is complete open 'Bulkr', then select You tab and click 'Connect to Flickr'. Soon authentication pop-up with open, to authorize your account click 'Authorize' button. This will open Yahoo's Flickr login page in your default browser, now you must enter your username and password to login into your flickr account.

Authorize Bulkr

3. Connect Bulkr To Flickr : Once your inside your Flickr account, Flickr will show warning saying, "Bulkr wants to link to your Flickr account." Below this warning you will see two choices to select from, read these two choices and click the next button of second choice under the message saying "If you arrived at this page because you specifically asked Bulkr to connect to your Flickr account, click here:". Click the next button circled with red colour.

Connect Bulkr To Flickr

4. Approve Bulkr's Authorization : After clicking next button and new page open with a red warning saying "This is a third-party service. If you don't trust it with access to your account, then you should not authorize it." On this page then click Blue button saying "OK, I'LL AUTHORIZE IT."

Authorize Bulkr

Then you'll get success message saying "You have successfully authorized the application Bulkr. You can go ahead and close this window now." Wow! You authorized Blukr successfully on your Flickr Account. Now get ready to backup your Flickr Albums.

Successfully Authorized Bulkr

5. Come Back To Bulkr Application : Now minimise your default browser window (if not closed) and resume back to Bulkr application. Now click "Complete authorization" button.

Complete Authorization

Soon you'll get a new message saying "Hi, You been successfully authorized.". Then click "Let's get started!" button to begin full backup of your flickr photo albums on your PC (Mac / Computer).

6. Let's Begin Backup : Click "Backup your photostream" button. This will open a new window called 'Download Options'.

Backup Flickr Photos

7. Make Right Download Settings : This final step is very important. Under size: select Original, then choose a proper path to any local folder were you want to save all Flickr Photos. When you're done then click 'Start Download' button.

Backup of Flickr Photos

8. Download Starts To Get Full Backup : Soon all your Flickr Photos will start downloading one after another, after few minutes your Full Backup will be ready.

Downloading Flickr Photos To PC

Congratulation! : You've successfully completed a Full Backup of all photos from your Flickr Account to PC.

9. Logout! : Don't forget this last but very important step. Click Logout button to close and prevent any unauthorized access to your Flickr account.

square red Tutorial To Backup All Flickr Photo Albums - Blukr.

This tutorial was written by Gaurav Akrani for Readers' of Kalyan City Life Blog.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Wow! Thank you for writing this guide I was searching for a simple and easy way to download all my Flickr photos. Bulkr is a great application. It made my work much easier. Rds, Mimi.

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