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Blogger In Draft Lacks A Good Comment Management System

red square Blogger Don't Have A Feature To Edit Comments

On Blogger's new platform (Blogger in Draft), there is no provision to edit comments received from readers as a feedback to published articles. Blog's moderator (or author) either have to accept a comment in its full original form or have to reject (delete) it completely. Sometimes readers use slang in their responses thus making it mandatory to moderate objectionable words. Slang words must be moderated compulsorily as they act as 'Stop Words' or 'Poison Words', which force Google's Adsense to display and show only PSA.

Blogger In Draft

However, since a comment editing feature is yet not available on Blogger it is impossible to modify and manually filter stop words from awful responses. Blog's moderator is thus left with no choice but to reject most comments he receives. This overall prevents saving of all users' responses and creates a little communication gap between author and his readers. In short, Blogger urgently needs a basic comment management system which can help blog owners to moderate, edit and manage their comments with ease.

red square Comment Approved On Blogger Gets Permanent

Once a comment is approved on Blogger it becomes permanent and can later never be deleted. Imagine a case you published a new informative article on your blog and soon got many fresh responses from readers. Earlier you approved all comments one by one, and now your article is getting huge (in terms of KB size) and creating a page loading issue. Then what will you do? In that scenario, it makes sense to either optimize your blog or delete some less important comments you approved earlier. However, when you sort out less valued comments (you approved earlier) and then try deleting them, you'll find that there no such facility on Blogger. You're stuck and left in a dilemma. You simply can't delete earlier approved comments from your blog as they have now become permanent and will reside in your blog's database forever. I hope blogger must include a new flexible feature to delete any pre-approved comments so that a blog's author can get better control to manage feedbacks on his blog.

Update: This feature is now added on Blogger. Comments can be deleted.

red square Lacks Feature To Handle Multiple Comment Pages

When the number of comments on a particular article keeps on increasing then article's page size also increases simultaneously. More comments imply greater page size (in KB) and slow loading blog speed. On other CMS / Blogging platforms this issue is smartly managed by creating 'Multiple Comment Pages' without closing or compromising the flow of increasing comments. Blogger's blogging platform don't have any such feature to create, handle and manage multiple comment pages. Thus most bloggers are again left in a dilemma to either favour blog's faster loading speed or choose an increasing inflow of new upcoming comments.

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