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Improve Writing Skills For Effective Written Communication

Improve writing skills

Writing skill is an essential requirement in today's era. It plays a vital role in written communication. It has different types used for various purposes. One has to be alert during writing as it may become a legal document.

Writing is an important ingredient of a professional. It is a major technique for effective written communication.

Improve writing skills

Listed below are some techniques to improve writing skills for effective written-communication:

  1. Decide the purpose and scope of writing.
  2. Write as per requirement of the subject.
  3. Use simple words.
  4. Use self dependent words.
  5. Frame short, simple, self dependent and meaningful clauses, sub clauses, sentences.
  6. Study background of reader/receiver/audience.
  7. Use proper introduction. Answer following questions while writing:
    • Why this subject?
    • What is this subject?
    • What is new in this subject?
    • Why author is authentic or reliable?
    • What is scope of this subject?
  8. Discuss each point in detail as per need.
  9. Use examples where required.
  10. Analyze, compare, contrast points as required.
  11. Use data, quotations, critical comments, expert's analysis as per need.
  12. Use your own style.
  13. As said, “write to express not to impress.”
  14. Use parliamentary language.
  15. Follow principles of writing skills.

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