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Love, Care and Respect Your Mother and Father - Life Quotes

square Pappa And Mummy's Love

When we were 1 year old, they fed us and bathed us. We thanked them by crying all night long.

When we were 3 years old, they made all our meals with love. We thanked them by tossing our plate on the floor.

When we were 6 years old, they walked us to School. We thanked them by screaming. "I'm not going!"

When we were 12 years old, they warned us not to watch too much TV shows. We thanked them by waiting until they left the house.

Love your mother and father

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When we were 14, they paid for a week away at summer camp. We thanked them by forgetting to write a single letter and forgetting to give them a call.

When we were 15, they came home from work looking for a hug. We thanked them by having our room locked with loud music on.

When we were 18, they tried at our high school graduation. We thanked them by staying out partying until dawn and asking for a mobile phone.

When we were 19, they paid for our college tuition, drove us to Campus, and carried our bags. We thanked them by saying good-bye outside the campus so that we wouldn't be embarrassed in front of our friends.

When we were 21, they gave some advice and suggested certain careers for our future. We thanked them by not listening and saying "I know what I have to do".

When we were 22, they hugged us at our college graduation. We thanked them by saying whether they could pay for trip to foreign location.

When we were 24, they met our fiance and asked about our plans for the future. We thanked them by glaring and growling "Muuhh-ther, please".

When we were 25, they helped to pay for our wedding, and they cried and told us how deeply they loved us. We thanked them by moving halfway across the country with their money.

When we were 30, they called to give us advice on the baby. We thanked them by telling them, "Things are different now ".

When we were 40, they called up to remind us of a relative's birth day. We thanked them by saying we were "really busy right now".

If they are still around,

let us never forget to love them more than ever

and if they are not, let us remember their

unconditional love and pass it on.

Let us always remember to love our parents

because we only have

One Mother


One Father

in our life time

No man is rich enough to buy back his past.

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