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Advantages and Disadvantages of Supermarket or Super Bazaar

square Advantages of Supermarket

The benefits or advantages of a supermarket or super bazaar are as follows:

advantages and disadvantages of supermarket

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  1. Saving in labour cost due to self-service system.
  2. Supermarket has large turnover.
  3. Reasonable or low prices of goods.
  4. Low cost of operation.
  5. Freedom of selection.
  6. Shopping is very easy and quick.
  7. Due to adequate parking space, shopping becomes easy and pleasing activity rather than boredom.
  8. High degree of efficiency due to elimination of service.
  9. High margin of profit to organisers.
  10. Advantages of large scale operations.

square Disadvantages of Supermarket

The disadvantages of a supermarket or super Bazaar are as follows:

  1. Supermarket requires huge financial resources.
  2. It is normally situated at a long distance from the residential localities.
  3. There is lack of personal attention.
  4. Supermarket does not provide various services such as free home delivery, personal guidance, credit facility and after sale service.
  5. It faces the problem of co-ordinating activities of various sections of the market.
  6. It requires large and extensive premises.
  7. Goods which require explanation by salesmen cannot be sold in such markets.

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