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Types of Employment Tests used for Selecting Employees

square Types of Employment Tests

Many large companies use employment tests for selecting appropriate employees. These employment tests help companies to find out the intelligence, maturity, skills, etc., of the candidates or prospective employees.

types of employment tests

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The types of employment tests used for selecting employees:

  1. Intelligence Test,
  2. Interest Test,
  3. Performance Test,
  4. Personality Test,
  5. Projective Test,
  6. Aptitude Test,
  7. General Knowledge Test, and
  8. Perception Test.

Type 1. Intelligence Test

Intelligence test is conducted to find out the intelligence of the candidate. It helps to measure their mental ability, numerical ability, presence of mind, memory, communication skills, etc. This test is used for selecting managers. It is also used for selecting candidates for MBA courses.

Type 2. Interest Test

Interest test is conducted to find out whether the candidate is interested in a particular job or not. It finds out the likes and dislikes of a candidate about his occupation, hobbies, etc. This test helps the company to provide vocational guidance to their employees.

Type 3. Performance Test

Performance test is conducted to measure candidate's performance in a particular job. It helps to find out the candidate's knowledge and skill required for a specific job. For e.g. Typing test can measure the speed and accuracy of a typist or a data entry operator.

Type 4. Personality Test

Personality test is conducted to find out the maturity, inter-personal skills, emotional stability, capacity to get along, behaviours under stress and strain, etc. This test is used for selecting salesman, public relations staff, etc.

Type 5. Projective Test

Projective test is conducted to find out how the candidate interprets (explains) the problem or situation. For e.g. A picture is shown to the candidate, and he is asked to give his views and opinions about it.

Type 6. Aptitude Test

Aptitude test is conducted to find out:

  1. Whether the candidate has the talent to do a specific job, or
  2. Whether he has the ability to learn the job after giving him training.

In short, aptitude test is done to find out whether the candidate will be able to do a specific job or not. Some candidates have a good talent or aptitude for accounting jobs while others show smart skills in marketing jobs. Companies give more importance to the candidate's mental suitability for job.

Type 7. General Knowledge Test

G.K. test is conducted to find out the general awareness of the candidates. They are asked questions about politics, work affairs, current affairs, etc.

Type 8. Perception Test

Perception test is conducted to check the beliefs, attitudes, intelligence, mental sharpness, wisdom, etc. of the candidate.

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