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Various Types of Invoice - Different Kinds of Invoices

square 1. Inland Invoice ↓

An invoice which is used in internal trade transaction is called as an Inland Invoice. When the goods are sold within a country, the invoice relating to such a transaction is called as an Inland Invoice.

various types of invoice

square 2. Foreign Invoice ↓

An invoice which is prepared for covering an international trade transaction is called as a Foreign Invoice. A number of copies are prepared, maybe even 10 to 12, because a number of authorities require it.

square 3. Inward Invoice ↓

Inward invoice is received by the buyer from the seller, on receipt of invoice, the buyer stamps it with date of receipt. The inward invoice number is entered in the purchase journal.

square 4. Outward Invoice ↓

Outward Invoice is a seller's bill. An invoice which is inward to the buyer is an outward for a seller. It is called outward invoice, because it is sent to the buyer. At least one copy of the invoice is retained by the seller for necessary action and reference.

square 5. Proforma Invoice ↓

Proforma Invoice is not a real invoice. It is prepared to give a clear idea regarding the amount that would be paid by the buyer if he places an order. This is prepared at the request of the buyer.

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