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Is Management a High Class Profession or Not?

square Management as a Profession

A Profession is an Occupation. It is performed by Professionals such as Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, etc.

management as a profession or not

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We can find out whether Management is a profession or not by examining the following important points :-

1. Formal Education

A Professional must have a formal education from an accredited institution. For example, a Lawyer must have a degree in Law from a recognised university.

A Manager need not have a minimum formal education. However, this is slowly changing. Today, only highly educated persons are appointed as Managers.

2. Expert Knowledge

A Professional must have in depth knowledge and expertise in his subject. For example, a Doctor must have in depth knowledge about the medical profession.

A manager too must have an expert knowledge about his subject. For example, a Marketing Manager must possess expert knowledge about Marketing. Similarly, a Finance Manager must have an expertise in Finance.

3. Specialisation

In every profession, there exist a specialisation. For example, in the field of medicine, we have Eye Specialists, Heart Specialist, etc. In the Legal field we have professionals like Criminal Lawyers, Civil Lawyers and so on.

Management also have different specialisations. For example, Finance Manager, Production Manager, Marketing Manager, etc. These Managers are highly educated, trained and experienced in their profession.

4. Social Responsibility

A Professional is aware of his Social Responsibility. He gives much more importance to customers and services rendered to them. He gives less importance to money and profit.

In the past, managers were not aware of their social responsibility. However, today, they give great importance to their Social Responsibilities. This is because of the pressure from Consumers' Associations, Trade Unions, Government, etc.

5. Code of Conduct

Every Profession has its own Code of Conduct. Code of Conduct means rules and regulations. It must be followed by all the members of the profession.

Western countries have a Code of Conduct for Management. At present, India does not have a code of conduct for management. However, India may have it in the future.

6. Fees and Salaries

A Professional receives fees for his services.

A Manager receives salaries and perks for his services. He does not charge any fees.

7. Independent Office

A Professional has his own independent office or work place.

A Manager uses the companies office as his work place.

8. License

In order to become a Professional, a person must get aaquire a Valid Licence.

In order to become a Manager, there is no need for such a Licence.

square Conclusion On Management as a Profession

So strictly speaking, Management cannot be called as a Profession. However, it is quickly developing into a profession.

According to Peter Drucker,

"Management must not be made a profession because it will prevent talented but less qualified persons from becoming Managers."


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