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What are the Steps in Scientific Selection Process?

square 1. Recruitment

Recruitment involves the following steps :-

  1. Job Analysis : The Personnel department first does job analysis. It is a process of collecting, analysing information about the job (Job Description) and qualities required for doing the job (Job Specification).
  2. Determining the Sources of Manpower : After this, they search for all possible sources of manpower. Advertising in leading newspapers and on the internet is one of the best sources of manpower, due to a wide choice.
  3. Advertising the Vacancies : The Personnel department advertises the vacancies. The advertisement should contain detailed information about the job, the required qualities of the candidates, the company, etc. All suitable candidates are asked to submit their applications to the company before a particular date.

steps in scientific selection process

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square 2. Applications

Examining the Applications and Sending Application Blanks :-

  1. Examining the Applications : The Personnel department starts receiving applications. They examine these applications in detail. The candidates who are not qualified for the job, incomplete applications, applications received late, etc., are rejected.
  2. Sending Application Blanks : The remaining candidates are sent "Application Blanks". An application blank is a "fact-finder". It collects information about the candidate's background, education, training, experience, reference, etc. The candidates have to fill up the application blanks and send it back to the organisation before a particular date. Photographs, copies of certificates, etc., should also be sent along with the application blank.

square 3. Written Test

After receiving the fully filled application blanks, the Personnel department examines them. Incomplete applications, applications received late, etc. are rejected. The remaining candidates are sent call letters for "Written Tests". It is held to test the performance, aptitude, interest, intelligence, personality, etc. These tests are conducted by phycologists and educationists. They may be a descriptive or objective test. The candidates who are successful in these tests are given call letters for the interview.

square 4. Interview

An interview is a verbal and visual interaction between two or more persons, for a particular purpose. An interview is an oral examination of candidates. The main purpose of an interview is to match candidates with jobs. There are many types of interviews, e.g. Group interview, Individual interview, Panel interview, Stress interview, etc.

square 5. Reference Check

After the interview, the Personnel department checks the references of the successful candidates. These references are contacted personally or by telephone or by letter, and they are asked their opinion about the candidate. The main purpose of a reference check is to collect information about the past performance of the candidate in order to judge his future performance. The accuracy of the information given by the candidate can also be checked.

square 6. Medical Examination

After the reference check, the candidates have to go through a medical examination. This is done to find out whether, the candidate is physically and mentally fit to do the job.

square 7. Final Selection, Placement and Induction

The candidates who are successful in the medical examination are issued appointment letters, and they are asked to join the organisation on a particular date. On the joining date, the candidate is properly placed and inducted.


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