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What is Job Specification? Meaning, Information it Contains

square What is Job Specification? Meaning

Job Analysis consists of Job Description and Job Specification.

Job Description describes the information about the job.

Job Specification specifies information about the skills or qualities required for doing the job.

Job Specification is also called as Man or Employee Specification.

Job Specification is prepared on the basis of Job Description.

Job Specification

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square Information contained in Job Specification

Job Specification contains or consists of the following information :-

  1. Personal characteristics such as education, job experience, age, gender, extra curricular activities, etc.
  2. Physical characteristics such as height, weight, vision, hearing, fitness, health, etc.
  3. Mental characteristics such as general intelligence (IQ), memory, judgement, foresight, etc.
  4. Social and Psychological characteristics such as emotional ability, flexibility, manners, creativity, group behaviour, etc.

Job Description and Job Specification are used for preparing the Job advertisements which are later published in Newspapers, on Internet, etc.

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