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How to Make Premising Effective?

square How to Make Premising Effective?

The premising can be made effective by adapting following suggestions:-

how to make premising effective

1. Selection of premises

In order to make premising effective, it is important to select the premises correctly. Selection of premises depends on the environmental factors.

2. Collection of information

There are many methods of collecting information. There are simple oral methods and even highly complex methods. Collection of information is a time and money consuming task. Information can be acquired from published sources, marketing research and publications of professional bodies. The company must check or verify the information before using it.

3. Premises for contingency planning

All planning premises are subject to changes. So managers should make alternative premises, and they must adjust their plans accordingly. However, making too many alternative premises will cost money. So, it is advisable to balance cost and benefit of alternative premises.

4. Communication of planning premises

Establishing planning premises is not enough. It is equally important to communicate it to those who are involved in the planning process.


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