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Interdependence of Production and Marketing in Business

square Interdependence of Production and Marketing

The most crucial and fundamental function of business is to:

  1. First produce/provide some goods and/or services, and then
  2. Market and/or target the same to the potential buyers and/or consumers.

The basic functions of business namely, production and marketing go hand in hand with one another.

interdependence of production and marketing

Following points briefly explains the interdependence of production and marketing in business:

  1. Anything that is produced must meet or reach its end goal of consumption. The consumption is possible only when produced goods and/or services are accessible to or are within the reach of its potential buyers, customers, or consumers. Such accessibility is achieved when the produced goods and/or services are efficiently distributed or marketed to the targeted clients. It is marketing function that helps the production function to achieve its end goal.
  2. On the other hand, marketing-function makes no sense if there is nothing to distribute and market. In other words, marketing is impossible without some kind of production activity. It is production that gives marketing some target to focus on and accomplish. It is this goal that fuels the objectives of marketing.

Thus, we see that, production and distribution are inseparable primary functions of business. They are interwoven and hence are mutually dependent on one another to meet the core business objectives.

Along with their interdependence, they also need help of other supportive business activities to bring success to the organisation.

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