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Features of Marketing Information System MIS

square Features of Marketing Information System MIS

The main characteristics or features of Marketing Information System (MIS):

features of marketing information system MIS

Image credits © Prof. Mudit Katyani.

  1. Continuous system : MIS is a permanent and continuous system of collecting information. It collects information continuously.
  2. Basic objective : The basic objective of MIS is to provide the right-information at the right-time to the right-people to help them take right decisions.
  3. Computer based system : MIS is a computer-based system. It uses computers for storing, analyzing and supplying information. It also uses micro-films for storing information. Therefore, it is very quick and accurate.
  4. Future-oriented : MIS is future-oriented. It provides information for solving future problems. It is not past-oriented.
  5. Used by all levels : MIS is used by all three levels of management, i.e. top, middle and lower. It is used for making marketing plans, policies and strategies. This is used to solve marketing problems and to take advantage of business opportunities.
  6. Sources : MIS collects information from both, internal and external sources. For example, information is collected from company records, publications, etc.
  7. Collects marketing information : MIS collects all types of marketing information. It collects information about the consumer competition, marketing environment, government policies, etc. It supplies this information to the marketing managers.
  8. Helps in decision making : MIS supplies up-to-date and accurate information. It helps marketing managers to take quick and right decisions.


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