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Interior Designer Carpenter Kalyan Dombivli - Arvind Mistry

red square Arvind Mistry - A Talented Professional Interior Designer And Carpenter in Kalyan, Dombivli, Thane

On a daily basis, I was too tired to see my partially broken furniture and fainting colours of bedroom walls. So on 1st June 2008, I took a wiser decision to fully renovate my ugly looking bedroom. My budget was pretty limited with just Rs.1,50,000 in my hands but expectations were great. So I consulted some reputed Interior Decorators from Kalyan and Dombivali but none were ready to work on such a low budget. I was quite disappointed since I failed miserably to either hire or convince even a single professional interior designer. Further I avoided dealing with some semi-skilled persons as there was a huge risk of poor quality of work from their side and I don't wanted to waste my hard earned money. However I didn't gave up and kept searching and convincing some other professionals until luckly I found one talented and economically affordable guy named 'Arvind Mistry' from Dombivali.

red square Arvind Mistry Shows His Carpentry And Interior Designing, Decorating Skills At My Kalyan City Flat.

Luckly I got cellphone number of Arvindji and managed to fix a personal meeting at my house. On Sunday early morning Arvindji arrived on time and soon we started discussing my home makeover plans. While showing him my bedroom I said I except a quality eye-catching work from him which fits within my prescribed budget of Rs 1,50,000/- (Approximately $3000 US Dollars).

Arvind Mistry accepted this deal and said "Sir! Don't worry, I'll turn your den into a 5 star beauty." Quite happily soon I repiled, "Thank You! Arvindji for accepting this deal.".

After a week Arvind Mistry soon started working and within a period of 2 months he completely transformed the look of my bedroom. He kept his words and I was very well satisfied by his quality work.

You better judge the skills of this talented Carpenter cum Interior Designer by watching pictures of my newly renovated bedroom of my Kalyan City Flat.

It gives me immense pleasure to share these pictures with you all.

red square Photos - Arvind Mistry Renovates My Bedroom ↓

Bedroom Entrance

bedroom window

bed in bedroom

computer table


wardrobe design

bedroom door

study table

red square New Photos - Arvindji Renovates My Living Room ↓

Updated On : 31st December 2010.

Trust developed from my earlier experience helped me a lot to take a faster decision this time. Without thinking much more and wasting my precious time I quickly consulted Arvindji regarding a new proposal to renovate my living room (Hall). Soon work started after few days, months passed by and finally took form of following beauty (see photos below).

I'm not disclosing my budget this time as a promise made to Mr. Arvind Mistry and respecting his special request. I'm very sorry :( for keeping this secrecy.

plasma tv unit in living room
Three spot lights add shower of golden glow on background of compact tv unit without adding an glare on the display screen of my television.

tv showcase in living room
A well-compact and simple showcase designed for 42 inch Falt TV panel is artistically blended with single-legged glass dining table decorated with hidden blue LED lights. Inspired from aurora borealis or northern lights, two LED rope lights are wrapped spirally to get a mixed light effect on the ceiling by hiding inside a wavy design of POP (Plaster of Paris).

flat tv unit
Another close-up photo of my Compact TV Showcase (sideview picture).

Sofa set for living room
Light brown coloured Sofa set with golden embroidery. Sofa set (1 sofa + 2 chairs) is ready made, Coffee table designed and crafted by Mr. Arvind Mistry.

Pair of chairs in living room
Pair of chairs in front of vibrant Saffron coloured pillar.

Sofa In living room
Sofa in front of Yellow (Turmeric shade) coloured wall in my living room.

Beautiful living room photos
Another Living room photo shot from window side.

Wash Basin in living room
A well-spaced Wash Basin in my living room.

Beautiful mirror in bathroom
Beautifully itched curvy mirror designed by Arvind Mistry now in my bathroom.

red square Hire Arvind Mistry, A Talented Interior Decorator ↓

Arvind's Pros / Skills : Arvindji is a self-taught artist. He always use high quality raw-materials (e.g marine plywood which is termite and water proof, beautiful laminates with good thickness, high quality adhesives and steel materials, etc.). He is an all-rounder professional (expert Electrician + skilled Carpenter + creative Designer) with over 25 years of experience and counting. His work reflects creativity which artistically blend beauty with strength. Furniture crafted by him looks elegant, modern and are way more better in finishing, durability & price than other readymade / costly imported brands. He also provide maintenance and repair service even after completion of project. His charges are reasonable against his quality of work and suits bugdet of most upper middle-class indian families. He is a gifted craftsman and a talented artist. He lives a simple living, believes in creative thinking and always enjoy to craft his ideas into a reality.

Arvind's Cons : He may be busy on other projects and hence not always available on time for consultation. His projects usually take little more time than prescribed deadline. My living room project was promised to get complete within 2 months but it took him additional 20 days for finishing. He is very selective with new clients and avoids dealing with arrogant, stingy and rude people. He is little bit moody too and avoids working on Sundays and other major Hindu festivals.

Gaurav's Recommendation : Every person has a unique personality and Mr. Arvindji is no exception to this. If you can adjust with cons of Arvindji's personality then I highly recommend him to you. No matter how many extra days your project takes to finish, I assure you'll definitely end up getting best value for your money. Before making your final decision please take a good look at above photos of my newly renovated living room and bedroom.

If you're interested to contact Mr. Arvind Mistry leave a comment with your email address. Arvindji is currently charging Rs.500 as a basic consultation fee per visit to any new client. Total project charges or his rates are subjected to change, vary / fluctuate depending on current market conditions, latest prices of raw-materials, his availability, location of flat (in Mumbai or outside Mumbai), etc.

Consult and hire Arvindji to beautifully renovate, decorate your flats with a reasonable budget. Arvind Mistry works in Kalyan City, Dombivli, Thane and near by areas of Mumbai.

Arvind Mistry's Telephone Number : 0251-XXXXXXX (Currently removed due to spam marketing calls he was getting. Number is now available only at personal request. Use comment box at bottom of this article page for making a request for his phone number.) (Reliance's Landline). Here 0251 is STD Code of Kalyan & Dombivli. If possible please talk in Marathi language only. His wife may answer your call and she speaks only Marathi and not Hindi nor English.

Written and Reviewed by - Gaurav Akrani.

I hope this review proves beneficial to people looking for a good interior decorator in Kalyan-Dombivli.

Article Link: Arvind Mistry - Interior Designer & Carpenter Of Kalyan Dombivli


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  2. Anonymous said...

    Hi Arvindji , myself Aatish from Dombivali i wanted to renovate my bedroom so can i get your contact number for the same. MY email id is aatishjai@gmail.com and i am available on 9833003751.

    Best Regards,

    Aatish Jain

  3. Gaurav Akrani said...

    hi albert the template is still in beta and under development

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    Is it done yet? I love what you have done with it!

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    Hi..that is fantastic. Please share me his number at gg888084@yahoo.com

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    Thanks for posting your experience.
    I am keen to get my apartment in Thane redesigned. My contact id is rmitragotri@yahoo.com.

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    Can you please mail me Arvind Mistry's phone number. I also need to do interiors of my flat (neelesh_salgaonkar @ yahoo.com)

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    Your bedroom looks stunning..plzz provide me any contact details of Mr.Arvind Mistry on following email..

  22. Arvind Mistry said...

    Gaurav thank you for writing about me. It made me feel great that you share my work on the internet. Arvind Mistry.

  23. skywalker said...

    Dear Gaurav..
    thank you for sharing the look of those beautiful and warm interiors..i had almost given up hope on having such options since i thought hey would always be expensive..but there is still hope , looking at your experience....i would be really grateful if you can give me arvindji's contact details..thank you.

  24. Gaurav Akrani said...

    Skywalker! What is your email id address? Let me know so that i can mail you Arvind Mistry's telephone number. Rds, Gaurav

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    please provide me mail id of Mr. Arvind Mistry.
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    Due to heavy demand of inquiries if have finally added telephone number of Arvind Mistry in this article.

    Renovate your beautiful dream house.

    Regards, Gaurav Akrani

  27. Joy said...

    Thanks for sharing the number, and ur house looks awesome....

  28. Anonymous said...

    Very artistically designed in a very low budget.

    Truly remarkable with warm colours and finely crafted furniture adjusted in a moderate space.

    Elegant, Yet modern and suits to Indian style, culture and environment.

    Thank you Gaurav for sharing pics of your beautiful and luxurious house.

    Pinyo S. Thailand

    (Interior Designer and Architect)

  29. Anonymous said...

    Hi, please share Arvindji's email id. I want to renovate my house in Kalyan. My email id is clefford.dsouza@gmail.com

  30. Anonymous said...

    Hi, Excellent craftsmanship and design, its a shame we cant get that kind of work done at reasonable prices in the UK....I wonder if Mr Mistry would fancy a working holiday? design@mail.threespires.org

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