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KDMC Bus Ride From Kalyan Station To Shivaji Chowk - Video

red square KDMC Bus Ride - Kalyan Station To Shivaji Chowk.

Yesterday I boarded KDMC's Ringroute Bus to reach Khadakpada Chowk (Circle) from Kalyan Station (West). While sitting on the rear left seat of the bus, I managed to shoot my first Kalyan City Video for KCL Blog. Watch this video to witness the present chaotic situation outside Kalyan Station and my bus ride up to Shivaji Chowk. Find out how the bus travels from the narrow and congested street now fully encroached by hawkers. This video is a good example of... "What most Kalyan (West) residents go through on the daily basis?". Kalyan Station's traffic is getting worst day by day. Whom to blame? India's exploding population or lack of demanding organised infrastructure.

red square A Kalyan City Video - KDMC's Ringroute Bus Ride.

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