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Real Living Snake Found Hiding Inside a Computer - Photos

square Snake Found Hiding Inside A Computer - Photos ↓

This strange incident took place in an I.T. company's office some were in Bangalore, India. A staff Engineer was unable to boot his computer, so he decided to open PC's Cabinet and troubleshoot the problem himself. However, was shocked to find that it was not a hardware issue else a snake problem. Following photos show how he handled this unexpected situation.

snake found inside a computer
Snake was found entangled inside a computer's power supply (SMPS) fan.

snake entangled in a computer
Engineer unscrew computer's power supply to remove the entangled snake.

snake in a PC
Snake took shelter and was hiding inside a computer's power supply.

Snake removed from computer
Finally, snake was safely removed from the computer's cabinet.

square Real Snake Removed From A Computer - Photos ↑

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