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Management Is An Innovative Art That Inculcates Creativity

According to Harold Koontz, Mary Parker Follett and other notable thinkers, "Management is an art of getting things (i.e work, task) done through people."

So, Is Management really an innovative Art that inculcates Creativity?

management is an innovative art

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Before we arrive at our conclusion, let's find out whether management is really an art or not by discussing and analysing following important points.

Every art is innovative in nature. New and improved designs, automated and error-free systems of a workflow, creative writings, abstract paintings and sculptures, magnificent architectures and giant constructions, etc., are all best examples of artistic innovations. These mesmerizing arts act as symbols of inspiration, possibility and creativity. They teach us how simple remarkable ideas can be turn a visionary dream into a reality.

Like every other art, management too is very innovative in nature. It continuously involves formulating new plans and improving old strategies, taking quick timely result-oriented decisions for solving problems arising in unique but complex scenarios.

Therefore, management is a challenging task to accomplish.

Every manager has to face and tackle new challenges on regular basis, which arise in different circumstances. As a result, he simply cannot rely on imitating and implementing plans made by other managers. He has to come up with his own new plans and improve old strategies that suit a situation. That is, he has to always innovate and find solutions. To do this, he integrates and uses his knowledge, expertise, managerial skills, experience, precious wisdom, creative ideas, inspiration and technology. Finally, he design suitable result-oriented means. A smart manager also take immense care to see that such means remain very flexible and adaptive to adjust sudden changes and unpredictable future events.

Hence, management inculcates the art of creativity and innovation.

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