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Assessment Centre - Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

square Assessment Centre - Meaning

Assessment center is an important tool in the selection process. It is used to find out how a candidate will act in typical management situations.

assessment centre

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Here, the candidate has to take part in many management related exercises (tests). Some of these common exercises or tests:

  1. Different types of Psychological tests.
  2. Management games.
  3. In-Basket exercises. Here, the candidate is asked to solve different management problems.
  4. Group discussion (GD) about different management topics.
  5. Oral presentations of management topics.
  6. Good report writing, etc.

During these tests, the candidates are observed and evaluated by psychologists and experienced managers. The candidates are also interviewed during the tests. Then an evaluation report is prepared for each candidate. This evaluation report is given to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee uses this report to select a right person for right post.

Assessment Centers are also used for training and development of managers. Candidates are informed about their performance.

This method was used during the Second World War, for selecting officers. In India, companies like Xerox, HLL, Crompton Greaves, etc., use this method.

square Advantages of Assessment Centre

The benefits or merits or advantages of assessment centre:

  1. Assessment centre is used for selection, training and promotion of candidates.
  2. The candidate can find out their strengths and weakness.
  3. The candidates can improve their performance. They can increase their strengths and remove their weaknesses.
  4. It is more valid because the candidate is evaluated (judged) by many different experts.

square Disadvantages of Assessment Centre

The limitations or demerits or disadvantages of assessment centre:

  1. Assessment centre is very costly.
  2. It is very time consuming.
  3. Highly experienced managers are required to evaluate the candidates.
  4. The evaluators may be biased.
  5. The candidates may not get proper feedback.

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