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What is Staffing? Meaning Definition Factors Affecting

square Meaning of Staffing

The term Staffing in management consists of:

  1. Selecting the right person for the right post.
  2. Training and development.
  3. Giving proper remuneration and motivation.
  4. Performance appraisal of employees.
  5. Proper promotions, transfers, etc.

staffing meaning definition factors affecting

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square Definition of Staffing

According to Harold Koontz, staffing is defined as follows:

“Staffing means filling and keeping filled, positions in the organisation structure.”

square Factors Affecting Staffing

The internal factors affecting staffing:

  1. Promotion policy : Staffing is affected by the promotion policy of the organisation. If the organisation has a good promotion policy with prospects to career growth and development, only then efficient people will be attracted to the organisation. Internal promotions are better for lower and middle-level jobs. This is because it increases the morale and motivation of the staff. However, for top level jobs, the ‘RIGHT’ person must be selected. The right person may be from within the organisation, or he / she may be selected from outside.
  2. Future growth plans : Staffing is also affected by the future growth plans of the organisation. If the organisation wants to grow and expand then it will need many talented people. In order to grow and expand, the organisation must select experts and give them continuous training and development.
  3. Technology used : Staffing is also affected by the technology used by the organisation. If the organisation uses modern technologies then it must have a continuous training programs to update the technical knowledge of their staff.
  4. Support from top management : Staffing is also affected by the support from Top Management. If the top management gives full support to it then the organisation can have scientific selection procedures, scientific promotion and transfer policies, continuous training programs, career development programs, etc.
  5. Image of organisation : Staffing is also affected by the image of the organisation in the job market. If it has a good image then staffing will attract the best employees and managers. An organisation earns a good image only if it maintains good staffing policies and practices. This includes job security, training and development, promotion, good working environment, work culture, etc.

The external factors affecting staffing:

  1. Labor laws : Labor Laws of the government also affect the staffing policy of the organisation. For e.g. The organisation has to support ‘Social equality and upliftment’ policies of the government by giving job reservations to candidates coming from depressed classes like scheduled castes (SC), scheduled tribes (ST), other backward classes (OBC), etc., and even to those who are physically handicapped (PH). It is mandatory for an organisation not to recruit children in their workforce and stop child labor. The provisions of ‘Minimum Wages Act’ guide an organisation to fix minimum salaries of employees and stop their economic exploitation.
  2. Pressure from socio-political groups : Staffing is also affected by activities of socio-political groups and parties. These groups and parties put pressure on the organisation to grant jobs only to local people. The concept of ‘Sons of Soil’ is becoming popular in India.
  3. Competition : In India, there is a huge demand for highly qualified and experienced staff. This has resulted in competition between different organisations to attract and hire efficient staff. Organisations often change their staffing policies, offer attractive salaries and other job benefits in order to add the best minds in their workforce.
  4. Educational standards : Staffing is also affected by the educational standards of an area. If the educational standard of a place is very high then the organisation will only select qualified and experienced staff for all job positions. For e.g. Some I.T. companies in India, only prefer skilled candidates with computer or I.T. Engineering degree for the post of Software Developer.
  5. Other external factors : Staffing is also affected by other external factors such as trade unions, social attitude towards work, etc.


  1. Prema pellon said...

    according to me, staffing is concern with the whole personnel functions of bringing in and training the stuff and maintaining favorable condition of work

  2. Anonymous said...

    i think staffing is about making sure that an organization is run efficiently such that individuals are chosen and given roles accordingly to reach an organizations' goal

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