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What is Job Enrichment? Meaning Features Advantages

square What is Job Enrichment? Meaning

According to Robert N.Ford, Job enrichment means to make jobs which:-

  1. Have a greater variety.
  2. Requires higher level of knowledge and skills.
  3. Give workers more autonomy.
  4. Give workers more responsibility.
  5. Give workers opportunities for personal growth, and
  6. A meaningful work experience.

The meaning of Job enrichment is depicted in the following image or picture.

job enrichment

Job enrichment means a vertical expansion of a job. It is different from job enlargement. Job enlargement means a horizontal expansion of a job.

Job enrichment makes the job more meaningful, enjoyable and satisfying. It gives the workers more autonomy for planning and controlling the job. It also gives the workers more responsibility. Job enrichment gives the workers opportunities for achievement, recognition, advancement and growth. So, the workers are motivated to work harder.

Therefore, Job enrichment makes the job a source of motivation.

square Features of Job Enrichment

The characteristics or features of job enrichment are:-

  1. Nature of Job : Job enrichment is a vertical expansion of the job. The workers are given jobs, which require higher-level knowledge, skills and responsibilities. Job enrichment improves the quality of the job.
  2. Objective : The objective of Job enrichment is to make the job more lively and challenging. So, the job is a source of motivation for the workers.
  3. Positive Results : Job enrichment gives positive results if the workers are highly skilled. This is because workers are given opportunities to show initiative and innovation while doing their job.
  4. Direction and Control : Job enrichment encourages self-discipline. It does not believe in external direction and control.

square Advantages of Job Enrichment

The importance or merits or advantages of job enrichment are:-

  1. Job enrichment is useful to both the workers and the organisation.
  2. The worker gets achievement, recognition and self-actualisation.
  3. The worker gets a sense of belonging to the organisation.
  4. The worker finds the job meaningful.
  5. Job enrichment reduces absenteeism, labour-turnover and grievances.
  6. It motivates the workers to give best performance.

square Limitations of Job Enrichment

The shortcomings or demerits or limitations of job enrichment are:-

  1. In many cases, job enrichment does not give the expected results.
  2. It makes many changes in the job. So many workers oppose it.
  3. It has limited use for highly skilled managers and professionals. This is because their jobs are already challenging.
  4. The consent of workers is not taken before implementing job enrichment.
  5. Managers force the workers to accept job enrichment, which is not good.



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