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Child Labour In Ulhasnagar - Photos Of Child Labour In India

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Yesterday I visited Ulhasnagar, a central suburban industrial town near Mumbai, India. While wandering Ulhasnagar with my friend Sameer, I was too shocked to witness many exhausted faces of child labourers. Whether it was a corner Tea Stall, a Sweets Shop or a Street Garage their presence was felt almost everywhere. Sameer (my friend + a resident of Ulhasnagar) told me that it was just a tip of ice berg and I saw nothing. He said, child labour is even more rampant at smaller industrial units inside Ulhasnagar. Later I came to know that most comman name of these working Indian kids is CHHOTU (A Hindi word meaning 'a small guy' or 'an unskilled person with lowest professional rank / social status').

Child Labour In Ulhasnagar

It's tragic to see many establishments in Ulhasnagar are openly violating Indian Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act of 1986 and even more surprising is the fact that concerned authorities haven't acted since ages. It is just not the case of Ulhasnagar city but a social issue of entire nation. So how long we will let this continue in Free India ?

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