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How To Waste Hard Earned Money ? Best Example - Video

red square How Rich Arabs Are Wasting Their Money? Video

Today I encountered a video showing a rich young Arab man wasting huge amount of money on a beautiful woman in a dance bar. I think this video is a best example of how to waste your hard earned money in few minutes. I know it is his money, and he can do anything what he wants to do, but still I think money deserves some respect and should be spent appropriately by all.

red square Don't Waste Your Hard Earned Money Like This.

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  1. Sanchit Goyal said...

    In my opinion what he is doing is letting the girl know that he has both money and interest in the girl. So that he can get her after the dance. Thats what happens in Dubai dance bars. You go there....and if you like a certain girl you throw huge amount of money on her performance and things go on from there.

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