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Weird Alien Tree Jungle Photos - Bizarre Alien Shaped Tree Vid

square red Alien Body Shaped Tree Found In Jungle - Pictures.

A month ago, I visited Matheran Hill Station with my friend Sameer Akrani. After hiking for almost two hours we got extremely tired and later decided to halt for few minutes. We were busy stretching our legs then suddenly a strange structure caught our sight. For few seconds, we were shocked and speechless. However, after taking a close glimpse, we noticed it was just a weird shaped trunk of a tree. This trunk resembled very much like a sitting alien with elongated head, big round eyes and tiny hands. I managed to capture some pictures and shoot a video clip of this bizarre alien shaped tree. It feels great to share this personal experience with you all through my blog.

weird alien tree in jungle

bizarre alien shaped tree

alien looking tree

alien tree photos

Weird Tree

alien tree

square red Weird Alien Looking Tree, Streaming Youtube Video

Special thanks to my adventurous friend Sameer Akrani. This article is an outcome of his alertness, curiosity, and craze :) Written by Gaurav Akrani.

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