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Orphan Street Children and Child Beggars of India - Photos

Daily, I see many orphan street children who are openly humiliated and tortured. They face rage of public every day which often assault them by pushing, slapping and kicking. Even after facing such inhumane treatment these innocent children of God neither complain nor cry. I think they have mastered a secret technique to swallow any harsh trauma by always smiling and eagerly waiting for a beautiful future life...

square Street Children Begging Near A Hotel in Kalyan ↓

Girl Child Beggar
A girl child begging near Deepak Hotel in Kalyan City (West).

Brother Sister Begging On Street
Girl child beggar happily looking and taking care of her young brother.

Girl Child Beggar Counting Money
Girl child beggar counting her money collected by begging on street.

street children and stray dog
Happy street children and their loving pet friend, a stray dog.

Street Childern of India
Girl child beggar playing with her brother near entrance of Deepak Hotel.

square Pictures - Orphan Street Children Beg For Living ↑

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