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Rajendra Pal Mangla Hindi High School In Thane East - Photos

square R.P. Mangla Hindi High School Photos Thane (E) ↓

Mangla High School Thane East
Entrance gate of Rajendra Pal Mangla Hindi High School in Thane (East).

Mangala Hindi High School Thane
Playground and campus building photo of R. P. Mangla Hindi High School.

High School Playground
A zoomed photo of Mangala Hindi High School's sports playground.

High School Building
Main school building of R.P. Mangla Hindi High School in Thane (East).

High School Entrance Gate
Entrance gate photo of R.P. Mangla High School when viewed from inside.

wooden benches inside classroom
Old wooden benches arranged row wise in a classroom of High School.

Inside a Classroom of High School
Inside view of a classroom in R.P. Mangla Hindi High School, Thane (East).

High School Balcony Photo
A photo of classrooms' balcony on second floor of Mangla Hindi High School.

square HD Videos of Mangala Hindi High School Campus ↓

square Mangla Hindi High School Thane (E) Campus Tour.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hi Gaurav,

    I did my schooling from Rajendra Pal Mangla High School in 1992. When I saw the pictures posted by you I felt very bad. In my time it was good school and very clean. But it seems now no one is taking care.
    I think most of the teachers from my time will be there now.

    I am very emotional to see the images and clip. Now I am working in Bangalore but one day sure I will go to Mumbai and visit my old school with some of my old friends who are still in mumbai.

    Again thanks from me.

    Rampravesh Upadhyay
    email: rampravesh@gmail.com

    Rampravesh Upadhyay

  2. Anonymous said...

    Hello Gaurav,

    This hindi school needs some serious renovation and infrastructure development.

    Its campus is looking like one of an abandoned school of past something similar to a Khandar.

    I think school trustees are probably out of funds and needs huge donation for a remake.

    By the way very good photos and videos. These pics darely expose how poorly some indian schools are maintained now-a-days.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Hi Gaurav, I passed my 8th Class from this School. When I was studying in this school, it was a good school. At my time Mr. Tripathi sir was the principal of this school. I am surprised about the current pictures of this school. I am working in Gurgaon. My School Incharget on 8th Class -B was Mr. B.L. Sharma and my collegues were Sham Sundar (Monitor), Vikas Jain, Pankaj Jain, Kishore Jain, Sudha Singh, Surekha Singh etc. etc. I wish that this school must be renovate very soon.

    Name:- Deepak Kumar
    My id is :- deepakdba@in.com

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