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Video Conferencing - Video Teleconferencing - Advantages

square What is Video Conference ?

Video Teleconference or Video Conference is an interactive groups of people or individuals at telecommunication in different locations via two-way video and audio transmissions.

Video Conferencing

square Components Required For A Video Conference

In contemporary era following components are required to arrange a video conferencing.

  1. Video Input : Video Camera or Webcam.
  2. Video Output : Computer Monitor, Television or Projector.
  3. Audio Input : Microphones.
  4. Audio Output : Loudspeakers.
  5. Data Transfer : Internet, LAN, Digital Telephone Network.

square Role of Video Conferencing

Basically, Video Conferencing plays an important role in developing relations of people of various fields and used for various purposes. It enhances face-to-face communication irrespective of geographical distance. In a business organisation, it is used to increase efficiency and bring transparency. Thus, it is an improtant technique to improve communication in todays era.

square Use of Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is primarily used in :-

  1. Telemedicine,
  2. Telecommunication,
  3. Online Education and Training,
  4. Surveillance,
  5. Security,
  6. Emergency Services, etc.

square Video Conferencing For Students' Communication

Video Conferencing is an important resource for students also. Through this, they may participate in various competitions such as delete, group discussion, presentations or as per needs. It helps students of various communities to come on a common platform to communicate, to explore ideas, to analyse, to share information. It is also possible to visit to specific locations and fields such as zoo, museum. Geographically isolated locations may use this resource to develop and moot current trends. It is also used to study various languages and specific dialects by reaching desired location.

For students and others, Video Conferencing may be used for following purposes which will help to improve their communication skills.

  1. To arrange guest lectures.
  2. To meet students when faculty member is on leave for a long period.
  3. To collaborate with research scholars.
  4. To communicate with colleagues and students of other institutes.
  5. To visit libraries of other institutes.
  6. To visit laboratories of other institutes.
  7. To collaborate with professional agencies as per requirement.
  8. To arrange Teleseminars.
  9. To resolve administrative disputes (if any).

square Importance and Advantages of Video Conferencing

  1. Via Video Conferencing two or more people can communicate irrespective of their distant locations which was highly impossible in ancient era.
  2. It is used to arrange a meeting, group discussion, debate, convey message, deliver presentation, conference, make general/comparative or specific study and others.
  3. It saves time of involved people, company or organisation.
  4. It saves energy of participants and others.
  5. It helps to provide required data.
  6. It helps to develop confidence of participants.
  7. It helps to increase efficiency and proficiency.
  8. It increase profit.
  9. It gives professional outlook.
  10. It helps to develop collaboration with various fields, (such as medical aid, judges deal with serious culprit whose life is at stake).
  11. It helps to supervise properly.
  12. It helps to motivate.
  13. It helps to negotiate.
  14. It helps to build a team.
  15. It helps to resolve conflict.
  16. It helps to take proper decision.
  17. It helps to develop leadership skills.
  18. It gives an opportunity to meet targeted audience.
  19. It helps to develop personal affectionate relations.

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