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Good Report Writing - Features , How To Write A Good Report ?

square 1. Good Report has a Clarity of Thought

A good report is one which is drafted in a simple, clear and lucid language. Its language should not be difficult and confusing. There should be no ambiguity as regards the statements made in the report. A reader should be able to understand the entire report easily, exactly and quickly. In fact, this is the basic purpose of report writing.

Good report writing

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square 2. Good Report is Complete and Self-explanatory

A good report is always a complete and self-explanatory document. For this, repetition of facts, figures, information, conclusions and recommendation should be avoided. Report writing should be always complete and self-explanatory. It should give complete information to the readers in a precise manner.

square 3. Good Report is Comprehensive but Compact

A lengthy report is not necessarily a good report. In fact, report should be a brief and compact document. At the same time, it should give complete picture of the problem under investigation. In this sense the report writing should be comprehensive but compact.

square 4. Good Report is Accurate in all Aspects

One more feature of a good report is that it should be correct in all aspects. The data given and statements made in the report must be based on facts and must be verified carefully. Report writing is a responsible job as report is used as a reliable document for taking decisions and framing policies. Thus, report writing should be always accurate, factual and reliable.

square 5. Good Report has Suitable Format for readers

A good report needs proper format. It should be convenient to the type of the report. The report should have all essential components such as title, introduction, findings and recommendations. This gives convenience to the reader.

square 6. Good Report Support Facts and is Factual

A good report is always factual. The findings, conclusions and recommendations included in the report should be supported by information and data collected from reliable sources. Statistical tables, should support statements made in the report. Attention needs to be given to this reliability aspect in report writing.

square 7. Good Report has an Impersonal Style

A good report should be drafted in an impersonal manner. The report writing should be in third person. This is necessary as the report is prepared for the benefits of a person who needs it and not for the benefit of the person who prepares it.

square 8. Good Report has a Proper Date and Signature

A good report should be properly dated and signed by the concerned authority or by the chairman of the committee or by all committee members. This has legal significance and needs special attention in report writing.

square 9. Good Report has a Reference to Relevant Details

In effective report writing, reference to relevant details is necessary. A good report should cover all relevant details for the methodology used, questionnaire prepared for data collection and the procedure followed by the committee.

square 10. Good Report follows an Impartial Approach

A good report is always fact finding and not fault finding. It should be prepared in an impartial manner. The writers of the report should be impartial in their outlook and approach. In other words, there should be objectivity in report writing. Emotions, sentiments, personal views etc. should be kept away while drafting a report. The approach of report writer should be broad based, positive and constructive. He should be neutral and self effecting in his reports writing.

square 11. Good Report has all Essential Technical Details

In a good report writing attention should be given to certain essential technical details. For example, the pages and paragraphs of the report should be numbered properly. Marginal heading and titles should be given. This gives convenience to readers.

square 12. Good Report is Presented in a Lucid Style

A good report is one which is presented in a lucid style. It needs logical and systematic arrangement of different parts. It should be easily and clearly understandable by all those for whom it is meant. A good report should create interest among readers because of its lucid and convincing style. Clear thinking, objective tone and logical arrangement of thoughts make the report simple and lucid.

square 13. Good Report is a Reliable Document

The data collection, analysis and interpretation of the data, conclusions drawn and recommendations made in the report should be accurate so as to make the whole report reliable and dependable for future reference and also for policy decisions. This, reliability is one important aspect of effective report writing.

square 14. Good Report is Arranged in a Logical Manner

The different parts of the report should be arranged in a logical order so as to make it an integrated document. Proper planning is essential while drafting report. Attention to format of a report is a must in effective report writing.

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