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Compare Maslow and Herzberg Theory of Motivation - Difference

square 1. Meaning ↓

Maslow's theory is based on the concept of human needs and their satisfaction.

Hertzberg's theory is based on the use of motivators which include achievement, recognition and opportunity for growth.

compare maslow and herzberg theory

square 2. Basis of Theory ↓

Maslow's theory is based on the hierarchy of human needs. He identified five sets of human needs (on priority basis) and their satisfaction in motivating employees.

Hertzberg refers to hygiene factors and motivating factors in his theory. Hygiene factors are dissatisfiers while motivating factors motivate subordinates. Hierarchical arrangement of needs is not given.

square 3. Nature of Theory ↓

Maslow's theory is rather simple and descriptive. The theory is based long experience about human needs.

Hertzberg's theory is more prescriptive. It suggests the motivating factors which can be used effectively. This theory is based on actual information collected by Hertzberg by interviewing 200 engineers and accountants.

square 4. Applicability of Theory ↓

Maslow's theory is most popular and widely cited theory of motivation and has wide applicability. It is mostly applicable to poor and developing countries where money is still a big motivating factor.

Herzberg's theory is an extension of Maslow's theory of motivation. Its applicability is narrow. It is applicable to rich and developed countries where money is less important motivating factor.

square 5. Descriptive or Prescriptive ↓

Maslow's theory or model is descriptive in nature.

Herzberg's theory or model is prescriptive in nature.

square 6. Motivators ↓

According to Maslow's model, any need can act as motivator provided it is not satisfied or relatively less satisfied.

In the dual factor model of Hertzberg, hygiene factors (lower level needs) do not act as motivators. Only the higher order needs (achievement, recognition, challenging work) act as motivators.

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