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Enquiry is a Request by Buyer to the Seller in Trade

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Simple english meaning of word enquiry means to ask questions. An enquiry is a request by buyer to the seller, asking for questions i.e information about the goods. The seller may advertise his goods or services. He may also depute a sales representative to the potential buyers. If the prospective buyer is interested in purchasing the goods, he may obtain as much information as possible from the sales representative or from the advertisement.

enquiry request by buyer to the seller in trade

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square What Buyer May Enquire?

Generally the buyer may enquire in respect of the following aspects :-

  1. Enquiry about the quality, size, shape, colour, design, brand name or any other features of a product.
  2. Quantity of goods required.
  3. Price and terms of payment.
  4. Credit and period of credit.
  5. Suitability of goods.
  6. Request for sample, price list, catalogue, etc.
  7. Packing, insurance, etc.

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