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What are the Advantages of Departmental Store ?

The departmental store offers many advantages to the customer as well as to its owners. The important advantages of a departmental store are as follows.

square 1. Departmental store gives shopping convenience

A departmental store enables a customer to purchase all his requirements under one roof. Time is saved as there is no need to visit several shops.

advantages of departmental store

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square 2. Departmental store has wide range of products

In a departmental store, a customer makes his best choice depending upon his requirement. This best choice is possible because there are wide range of products and brands available.

square 3. Departmental store buys bulk goods for cheap

Goods purchased in bulk are cheaper, because of the large discount allowed by the manufacturers and savings in freight, loading and unloading charges. The goods are bought in bulk from various sources at lower costs.

square 4. Departmental store provide various facilities

Departmental stores not only sell goods but also provide various facilities like reading room, telephone, drinking water, parking, recreation hall, etc.

square 5. Departmental store does huge publicity

A departmental store has large funds at its disposal. It can carry on advertisement and publicity on a large scale. It can avail of the benefits of services of the experts.

square 6. Departmental store has a large turnover

Due to the central location, shopping convenience, extensive advertisement, provision of services, etc., a large number of customers are attracted. So, the turnover is usually very high.

square 7. Departmental store results in a higher efficiency

A departmental store appoints experts for buying, advertising, accounting, etc. Similarly, skilled and qualified salesmen and other members of staff are appointed, which results in a higher efficiency.

square 8. Departmental store can raise finance easily

Departmental stores have generally business organization in the form of a limited company. Hence, they can easily raise the necessary finance for running the company.

square 9. Departmental store gives facility to inspect goods

Departmental store enables the customers to touch, feel and check the finishing quality goods before any purchase.

square 10. Departmental store earns goodwill & reputation

Departmental stores enjoy a lot of reputation and goodwill because of their efficient services to the customers.

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