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What are the Essentials of an Order? Made by Buyer to Seller

square 1. Acknowledgement of Quotation from Buyer

The buyer should make a reference to the quotation or proforma invoice received from the seller and also indicate his acceptance of the terms offered.

essentials of an order

square 2. Buyer must indicate Types of Goods Ordered

The buyer should clearly indicate the type of goods ordered in respect of quality, brand, size, shape, colour, etc.

square 3. Buyer must state Quantity of Goods Ordered

Every order made by buyer should clearly state the quantity or amount of goods to be supplied.

square 4. Order must have Directions for Delivery of goods

Order should also indicate the direction for delivery of goods i.e. the date, the place and the mode of delivery.

square 5. Terms and Mode of Payment must be in Order

The buyer should indicate the price at which the goods are to be supplied. The mode of payment should be indicated in the order, whether the payment will be made by cheque, cash, bills of exchange, etc.

square 6. Order must mention Other Special Points too...

The order should indicate the type of packing required. Other special points may have reference to after sales service, guarantee, insurance, etc.

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