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What is Coordination? Meaning and Articles on Co-ordination

square What is Coordination?

In the organisation, there are many individuals, groups and departments. They perform many different activities. Co-ordination means to integrate (i.e. bring together) these activities for achieving the objectives of the organisation.


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square Meaning of Coordination

"Co-ordination means integration of activities."

Coordination is done to achieve the objectives of the organisation. Co-ordination is a process. It is not fixed. It applies to group activities. It does not apply to individual activities. The managers have to make special efforts to get coordination. Coordination does not come automatically. Co-ordination leads to unity of action.

Coordination encourages team spirit. It gives proper direction to the organisation. It motivates the employees. It makes proper use of the resources. Coordination affects all the functions of management. Therefore, it is also called the "Essence of Management".

square Articles On Coordination

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