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Need and Importance of Corporate Finance

square Need of Corporate Finance

Finance is the life blood of business. It is required by all types of companies. It is required for starting a company. It is required for running a company. It is required for the survival, stability and growth of a company. It is required for expansion and diversification of a business. Finance is also required for closing down the company.

So, a company cannot survive without finance. It requires promotional finance to start the company. It requires long-term finance to purchase fixed assets. It requires development finance for growth, expansion and diversification of business.

square Importance of Corporate Finance

The following points bring out the importance of corporate finance.

need importance of corporate finance

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  1. Research and Development : Corporate Finance is needed for Research and Development. Today, a company cannot survive without continuous research and development. The company has to go on making changes in its old products. It must also invent new products. If not, it will be get automatically thrown out of the market.
  2. Motivating Employees : Manager and employees must be continuously motivated to improve their performance. They must be given financial incentives, such as bonus, higher salaries, etc. They must also be given non-financial incentives such as transport facilities, canteen facilities (eatery), etc. All this requires finance.
  3. Promoting a Company : Finance is needed for promoting (starting) a company. It is needed for preparing Project Report, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Prospectus, etc. It is needed for purchasing Land and Buildings, Plant and Machinery and other fixed assets. It is needed to purchase raw materials. It is also needed to pay wages, salaries and other expenses. In short, we cannot start a company without finance.
  4. Smooth Conduct of Business : Finance is needed for conducting the business smoothly. It is needed as working capital. It is needed for paying day-to-day expenses. It is needed for advertising, sales promotion, distribution, etc. A company cannot run smoothly without finance.
  5. Expansion and Diversification : Expansion means to increase the size of the company. Diversification means to produce and sell new products. Modern machines and modern techniques are needed for expansion and diversification. Finance is needed for purchasing modern machines and modem technology. So, finance becomes mandatory for expansion and diversification of a company.
  6. Meeting Contingencies : The company has to meet many contingencies. For e.g. Sudden fall in sales, loss due to natural calamity, loss due to court case, loss due to strikes, etc. The company needs finance to meet these contingencies.
  7. Government Agencies : There are many government agencies such as Income Tax authorities, Sales Tax authorities, Registrar of Companies, Excise authorities, etc. The company has to pay taxes and duties to these agencies. Finance is needed for paying these taxes and duties.
  8. Divident and Interest : The company has to pay dividends to the shareholders. It has to pay interest to the debenture holders, banks, etc. It also has to repay the loans. Finance is needed to pay dividends and interest.
  9. Replacement of Assets : Plant and Machinery are the main assets of the company. They are used for producing goods and services. However, after some years, these assets become old and outdated. They have to be replaced by new assets. Finance is needed for replacement of old assets. That is, finance is needed to buy new assets.

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