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Explain the Client Agency Relationship in Advertising

Client agency relationship in advertising

The client-agency relationship starts when a client appoints an advertising agency for making his ad. It continues till the ad agency provides satisfactory services to him. Such a relation should always be cordial. There should be a mutual trust, confidence and understanding between the two parties. It is so, since, the primary objective of both sides is same, i.e. to make a successful advertising campaign.

Lack of mutual trust will be harmful to both parties. It is, therefore, necessary to maintain good relations between the client and ad agency as follows:

  1. Meaningful two-way communication is required to maintain a friendly client-agency relationship.
  2. Both parties should take special efforts to maintain a cordial relationship.
  3. The approach of give-and-take is required to keep relations over a longer period.

Mentioned below are some significant guidelines (grouped under three categories) to maintain a cordial client-agency relationship in advertising:

client agency relationship in advertising

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  1. Suggestions for both parties (Client and Ad Agency).
  2. Guidelines for the Client (Advertiser), and
  3. Advice to the Advertising Agency.

Suggestions for a client and advertising agency to maintain their relations:

suggestions for a client and advertising agency

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  1. There should be a mutual understanding between client and agency. Misunderstanding or confusion, if any, between the two parties, should be resolved quickly through direct talks.
  2. The agency should work sincerely and honestly to bring a success to the client's ad campaign.
  3. Both parties should properly follow the terms and conditions of the contract.
  4. Good communication must be there between client and agency. Hence, regular meetings between them shall be arranged.
  5. Both should take necessary efforts to maintain their relations friendly.

Guidelines for the client to preserve relationship with advertising agency:

Guidelines for the client to preserve relationship with advertising agency

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  1. Treat the ad agency with courtesy at all times and never hurt its ego.
  2. Provide all possible information about the product to be advertised and the organisation. A well-informed ad agency will make better ads.
  3. Don't unnecessarily bargain for the fees charged by the ad agency as this may affect the quality of work.
  4. Motivate the agency to do a good impactful work. Its charges such as media bills, fees and other costs must be paid well in time. The client should not wait for the ad agency to remind him about the payment dues.
  5. Don't change the ad agency without a proper reason. If not satisfied, always first communicate your expectations and then wait for necessary changes to reflect.
  6. The client should approve the proposals submitted by the ad agency. He must avoid making petty arguments and only highlight those crucial relevant matters that needs attention.
  7. Give sufficient time to the agency to work on and develop an ad campaign. The client should not pressurize it to work quickly. He should avoid giving deadlines.
  8. Reduce disputes to a minimum.
  9. Finalize in advance the charges for a particular ad campaign.

Advice to the advertising agency to maintain good relationship with client:

Advice to the advertising agency to maintain good relationship with client

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  1. The advertising agency should do a smart and hard work to bring success to the client's ad campaign.
  2. It should make a good advertising plan and must implement it efficiently and effectively. However, first it must get the approval from the client.
  3. It is the duty of the account executive of the agency to keep his customer happy and satisfied.
  4. It should not charge client unreasonably high rates.
  5. It should not make ads for client's competitor.
  6. It should get all the information from the market that will help to create better ads.
  7. Discuss the ad fees with the client in advance to avoid disputes.
  8. Disclose to the client the names of the team members (employees) that are working on his ad campaign.
  9. Inform the client about changes, if any, happening within the agency.
  10. Never hurt client's ego. Agency should always provide timely services to him and try its best to satisfy him.

So keeping a good client-agency relationship in advertising is crucial to the success of both parties.

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